Always online sim dating

Always online sim dating

It got really old really fast

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And you have to do that again, and again, and again, watching as your affection meter creeps up towards at a painfully slow pace. It got really old really fast. Amy is cute, shopping for skill buffs was fun, and you certainly felt a sense of accomplishment when getting each ending. And none of the boys are really interesting enough to hold up a story with just their dates with Amy. Otherwise, find something else.

Personally I found it rather annoying and muted it from my second playthrough onwards. Some of the characters are better developed than others, though none were particularly memorable for me. The the sprites had beautiful facial expressions and body language whether they were joyful or miserable, and it was very colorful yet tasteful. With the exception of Aaron, you can only talk to each boy once per day You can both talk to and read to Aaron each day.

Oh, and occasionally there were bugs in the activities. Bottom line, I had no interest in the boy who was supposed to be the love of my life and quickly abandoned him for better prospects.

Overall, this is just a very weak dating sim. Each boy has one trait culture, creativity, romance, or discipline that he particularly likes, so which boy you pursue should also dictate which trait you pursue as well.

Sometimes these talks will succeed and earn you an affection point, and sometimes they will fail and earn you nothing but a loss of morale and energy. They make it as far as a traffic light before a car plows into them and understandably sends both of them straight to the hospital.

Otherwise find something elseAnd you haveAnd none of theAmy is cute shopping for