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In the past, sharing file space with a jail increased the risk that the books were reduced to ashes. Prices vary but are reasonable e. It is best to consult one of the archivists or technicians about which form to use since they have an immediate sense of whether a document is available for digital or paper reproduction. All other belongings are left in lockers in the break room. The entire maps and drawing collection Mapas, Planos y Dibujos has been digitized.

The archive staff is kind, professional, and thoroughly knowledgeable about the collection. Digital reproductions are made much more quickly than the paper copies, for obvious reasons.

Some collections have not been digitized, and are only currently available in paper copies. There are different reproduction-request forms for either digital or paper copies, and both are available in the reading room.

In the past

Archivo General de Simancas. There are several bars and restaurants in Simancas, in addition to a coffee and snack machine in the archive break room. Spanish is the primary language of communication, and is recommended, although the archivists are scholars themselves and thus possess a range of fluency in other languages. The archive also houses a small museum and exhibition space, which is open in the morning and afternoon, including Saturdays the archive is not open on Saturdays. The Simancas bus La Regional leaves from one of the central bays, and you may buy your ticket from the window inside or from the bus driver.

The most important of these is the risk of fire. The researchers are also an international group, so for those researchers who do not speak Spanish, it may be possible to find someone to help translate in a pinch.

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The moments of strength or withdrawal of the Spanish monarchy were reflected in the form of documents arrivals or resource shortages. The other collections must be consulted at Simancas. It is a valuable repository not only for the study of early modern Iberian empires, but also for North Africa and the Mediterranean.

The archive runs small temporary exhibitions based on its collections, which are uniformly excellent and certainly worth visiting. The castle has been extensively renovated during the centuries, and few traces of its original structure remain. That meant that it had other uses, from being a weapons cache to act as a state prison, a facet played simultaneously to the archive.