Battle spirits online anime dating

Battle spirits online anime dating

Visit the Forum to ask questions and inquire about everything on the Battle Spirits Wiki. Only one burst card can be set at a time, and only cards with burst effects may be set. The cards that you currently hold, but are not in play. If the blocker does not declare a blocking, the attacking will go to Life makes the blocker's life core s be reduced by the number of gem symbols the attacking card has. Spirits are summoned mainly to attack the opponent and reduce their life but are also used to protect your own life.

Then the blocker will get a chance again and so on. Where core used up when paying cost is placed. Then, move all the cores in your Trash to your reserve.

Most have effects which requireHappens after the Showdown Step isMost cards have

Most have effects which require a trigger to activate, and have higher levels than spirits. Happens after the Showdown Step is resolved.

Shuffle your deck and have your opponent cut it. Place that deck in the deck zone.

The card gameWhere cards in play are placed

Where cards in play are placed. Most cards have effects that strengthen them. The card game is part of the Battle Spirits franchise which revolves around several anime series, manga and the merchandise of toys and video games. Where discarded, depleted, or destroyed cards are placed. Ultimates are similar to spirits, but are not treated as such.

Place all your cores into the Core Pool or Void. Effects with specific names are referred to as Abilities. It is located besides the void. They can drastically change the pace of the game.