The hidden dangers of setting off Chinese sky lanterns

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In October the Welsh Government wrote to local authorities encouraging them to introduce a voluntary ban. Also, sky lanterns can cause fire incidents with serious consequences within the airport premises as oil companies have fuel storage depots within the premises. Flying lanterns are made out of rice paper with a bamboo frame, which contain a fuel cell or small candle.

Other destinations may vary. These can be sucked into aircraft engines, potentially causing a major accident, the airport authorities fear.

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Color, Culture and Controversy Donning our rain jackets, we met up with Elder Brother Wang and headed out away from the town itself as dozens of lanterns rose above Pingxi despite the downpour. Sky lanterns or wish lanterns as they are also commonly known have become popular on the main tourist beaches of Phuket. We walked along various paths, picking up soaking wet colored paper, many of which were still intact enough to allow us to make out the wishes and dreams written on their sides. Acting on a written complaint by the Kolkata airport authorities, the Bidhannagar Commissionerate has issued an order in this regard.

Within an hour of the hike, we had one large bag filled with wet, half-burnt paper, another of compressed stacks of wire, and a third containing slightly charred wood. In normal circumstances the lanterns rise nearly out of visual range and are carried by the wid before burning themselves out and landing, sometimes miles away. Birds and wildlife can become entangled in the wire or bamboo frames leading to injury or death. Elder Brother Wang showed us his method of separating the wood from the wire, explaining that these components could be used again. We have also alerted officers at the police station about holding meetings with representatives of residential complexes and ask residents to not light those in these areas this festive season.

Alarmed at the increasing number of sky lanterns in and around Dum Dum where arriving and departing planes fly at low altitude, pilots reported the matter to the authorities. Patong beach and Nai Harn around the lake usually have the most activity with locals visiting beaches like Karon and Kata. Once airborne the sky lantern will rise until the fuel cell or candle stays alight, when the candle burns out the sky lantern floats back to ground. Light your candle, make your wish, and once your wish lantern is floating skyward sit back and enjoy. Wander down to the beach on most nights and you will find locals selling wish lanterns for a small cost.

While making the hiking less pleasant than it otherwise might have been, the rain turned out to be instructive, causing the lanterns to descend sooner than the would have in drier skies. In Thailand flying lanterns are used during the year and for festivals with the most popular being Loy Kratong Festival.

Patong beach and Nai Harn

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The Kolkata Police have imposed a ban on sky lanterns in an eight-km radius around the airport. Marine life is endangered by lanterns falling into the sea. Over the years, hundreds of sky lanterns lighting up the night sky have become a popular sight in the city, not only during Diwali and Kali Puja but even during weddings and birthday celebrations.

In some cases, we were able to catch a few lanterns as they landed with wet plops on the road. When the fuel cell is lit the flame heats the air inside the lantern causing the lantern to rise. All of Phuket's major west coast beaches take part in Loy Kratong festivities, with a mix of locals and tourists. According to airline officials, sky lanterns appear may appear harmless, but can pose major problems for flights that are either landing or taking off.

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