Captain Sim C-130


Once again, the folks at Captain Sim have done an excellent job in all aspects of the detailing of this aircraft. This operation is performed very smoothly. In other words, this time around, window 7 os full version with key I didn't feel quite as overwhelmed with the operations of a heavy! Please upgrade the L yourselves. Only the Brits would come up with something perverse like that.

To get the most out of the product, I'd recommend printing out the manual. Are there any chance for a bargain in the near future? Hello does any know if you need the base pack for this? This amounted to a lot of frustrated users, especially after paying more for a product than the platform that is used to run it!

For instance, there is no climb function in autopilot. It is one of the best detailed and functioning add ons I've seen. The Interior Model features hundreds of custom programmed and animated controls and indicators.

We do not live in a perfect world, and this is especially true when it comes to computers and software programs. Don't be scared off by the functionality of the panels. Can't get the C to work Read times.

CAPTAIN SIM IIII Flight Simulation Software since

The Smith's autopilot is about the same as the old clunker in the U. Not used to seeing it on the airspeed gauge I guess. If you try it without flaps you'll have two choices, overspeed it and break it, or grow old while coming down. When using the Captain Sim exe file to try and install, it of course tells me that I don't have Microsoft Flight Simulator X installed.

He also teamed up with the flight engineer to make me think it was voice controlled! Humans are an impatient breed, to say the least! Keep it simple with pertinent info, and the reader will love ya!

Captain Sim C Expansion for MS FSX

Sell Your Software Become an Affiliate. Simmers that had purchased the C after months of anticipation, were confronted with problems with no forum to turn to for support.

Stevens Johnson Syndrome Counter. Spent many an hour on that top bunk watching the crew whilst preparing a cruise speech for the cargo in the cheap seats!

Captain Sim C Expansion for MS FSX

Sounds were improved, to get rid of the loop effect that could be rather annoying after a time, and the whine of the engines is now very realistic, both inside and out of the cockpit. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. It will maintain the altitude you are at when you press the button. Hi Chuck, The free liveries have not been officially released yet, keep checking in to their website and they will announce when they are available for download.

Other currencies shown as reference only! If ya got bad eyesight, how did you get a license to fly? Did you not review the information on their site?

This model comes with an abundance of working parts. Functionality and looks of the working flight control surfaces is outstanding. The airspeed indicator is a pain. Functions were very realistic with various warnings in respect to the situations.

Yea, I was stunned too when I checked out their one day sale. Need help getting started? Detail is exhibited right down to the rivets that hold this aircraft together.

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Call me old fashioned, but in my book, you don't put a finished product out there to sell until it is truly finished. It does somewhat ruin my landings but it's not a major problem.

Captain Sim C FSX Repaints

Oh yeah, it's a simulation! Your donation here helps to pay our bandwidth costs, emergency funding, and other general costs that crop up from time to time.

Please choose your country. Good idea to check it out first. Very happy some have been able to get it working.

Plan your descents well and start down plenty early. The initial release of the C was eagerly anticipated by flight simmers everywhere, for quite some time, due to the media coverage that was afforded to it. If you want to manage fuel the easy way, open all the valves and turn on all the pumps. The list truly does go on!

Ochiai OldProp Solutions inc. This problem has been rectified and the forums are buzzing!

Other Products By Captain Sim. Oh support from Captain Sim is not that user friendly.

This will give you the info you need to get started flying and using this web site. There is a slight refresh rate deficiency concerning the gauges, but not too bad, overall. All in all, a smooth process, although I have read in forums of some problems that were rectified by turning off your firewall during installation. Also, somewhat unrelated but the sounds seems a bit tinny.

Installation notes

You can also find the more detailed Pro Pack here. They appear, but are totally dead.