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And making the story even more interesting is the fact that there has not been any of buzz this summer about Hopson in our circles. Stitt is an explosive athlete who will be ranked in the nationally when we update our ranking of the top seniors nationally later this fall. However, Goode also is still very raw in terms of skills and, as a result, we think where we've currently got him ranked nationally in the senior class at is very fair. And, at the defensive end, Parsons doesn't have great speed and quickness, which makes him a defensive liability at the big time college level. At that point I called Chisholm to reconfirm what I thought he'd told me.

We're talking about an athletic power forward who plays with a lot of energy and has a lot of potential. Mayo has shown up for the first day of classes today at Huntington H. In other words, this is the best collection of talent that will be assembled anywhere in the nation this year, because the post-season All-American Games i. He was extremely smooth with the ball and demonstrated the rare ability to play fast with the ball without rushing. And Simon is a great first catch for new Chippewas head coach Ernie Zeigler.

And we hope he has it right this time around. Or Walker could transfer to Harmony Christian and Mayo could remain at North College Hill, where he has already let it be known that he like to attempt to win a third consecutive state championship. Now don't get the wrong idea. Chisholm also tells us that the final six for Patterson are Duke, Kentucky, West Virginia, Florida, Wake Forest, and Virginia, but he offers no insight into who the favorite might be. Spivey is a physical specimen, fierce competitor, great passer, and improving outside shooter.

What was impressive was the improvement in his first step that allowed him to get into the lane at will, especially in transition, and the way in which he took control of his team and ran the show. Coombs offers versatility more than anything else. And it showed as the big man scored inside at will with dunks and reverse lay-ups throughout both of his games. As a matter of fact, Walters took home the prestigious Mr.

In other words, Walters might have been the guy who got the most out the camp. And this is important, because the Leathernecks continue to recruit like crazy, especially in their own backyard and from the junior college ranks.

And it showed as the

And, if they really hit the jackpot and get them both, then we'd be talking about the best recruiting class in the nation. Not only does this make Johnson one of the leading candidates for our Sleeper of the Summer Award, but he also may be the start of what promises to be an outstanding recruiting class. And he did nothing to disprove that after dominating play for the entire day. Moral to the story, they appear to be getting better at stating the obvious, but, then again, maybe they should stick to football. Not only is Kearse a big time athlete who is just oozing with athleticism and potential, but he's also just beginning to scratch the surface as to how good he can become.

As a matter of fact Walters

After exhaustive research this week, Naclerio has still not been able to nail this down any further than what was reported over weekend on nycbasketball. So, needless to say, I was somewhat surprised when I found out that Scout.

What was impressive was the

Apparently one of Mayo's goals is to get one up on LeBron James, who won state championships when he was a freshman, sophomore, and senior, but failed to win three state titles in a row. But he isn't big and strong enough physically to get it done in the Southeastern Conference, which makes him a wing forward all the way.

But, then again, Dave Telep, who does the rankings for Scout. He is exceptionally strong and athletic, goes strong to the hole, finishes well with either hand, and solid is defensively on the post and perimeter. But he did so while playing against Under competition on the Mid-State Ballerz.

At least that's what both Mike Hart, who is the head coach at Barrington St. Offensively, he scores at will with a picture perfect jump hook that is almost impossible to block because of his understanding of how to use his body to seal off defenders. And this is important, because unless somebody goes pro next spring, somebody else transfers, or somebody doesn't show up, the Gators are out of scholarships. Archie is a super quick combo guard who has a knack for making things happen. So, even if Mayo shows up at Huntington H.

Mwoji will provide valuable leadership at point guard, plus he's a terrific defender. Webster was constantly getting to the rim off the dribble and utilizing his incredible athleticism to finish above the rim. English is a fluid multi-dimensional athlete who is excellent at driving to the basket, but needs to continue to work on his outside shooting.

Coombs offers versatility