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They untie Binee and Binee in return makes them believe that she has accepted them. Amir says that he is fed up with Binee for almost kissing Raj. She cries at how she betrayed her father's trust, and vows in her heart to expose the truth of Raj and Amir. Critics had mixed to negative responses in spite of its good collection in box office.

Binee, understanding that Amir is angry with her, follows her. According to a report in an online portal, Arjun Kumar is looking for a new face to replace Binita Baral in the sequel. Amir wakes up just to find that Binee has left and Raj has been knocked down and out.

This article has multiple issues. Amir hits her badly, knocking her down. Its net collection at the box office is approx. In the event, Arjun Kumar told that he was glad and excited on the success of his second movie. But, Binita says that she has chosen not to do the movie.

The order had cost the film makers some Rs. Amir leaves Binee in the night in Raj's house and vows never to return. Amir starts thinking that Binee is attracted towards Raj.

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Theatrical release poster. In the meantime, Amir awakens. Please help improve this article by adding links that are relevant to the context within the existing text. Binee accepts the reality that Amir left her, along with Raj's proposal of marriage. Chapali Height had a decent opening at the box office.

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Chapali Height

In an event held in Karyavinayak temple, the movie was inaugurated by the producer, artists and other crew members. Binee falls to the ground. In the later scene, we see Raj and Amir making a plan to either persuade Binee to live with them together and enjoy it or they must kill her, otherwise, their truth would be known to the world. Binee tells them that they are sick and they need a doctor. And the unlikely winner was Binita Baral we better call her Beenita Baral.

Raj wakes up just to find that Binee attacked Amir, possibly fatally, and chases Binee. Binee finds herself trapped between Raj and Amir. Although planned to go on floor on Bhadra, neither director nor the star casts have been finalized.

Although the name suggest it is a sequel, no artists have repeated in the sequel and the story is also unrelated. By that time, Binita will graduate. Raj convinces Binee that whatever happened was the part of life and she should accept this and move ahead. Binee tries to flee the house, pursued by Raj. Binee, in return, says that she was just role-playing kissing Raj.

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Raj and Amir come down from the roof to find that Binee is not on the ground any longer. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. They vow to find Binee and kill her, just to hide their secret from the society. Kumar has accused Raj of taking him to Hotel Chhari and beating. Binee tries to call the police, but Raj and Amir stop her.

Binee begins her life without Amir. However, Raj is still alive, and she fights for her life with Raj. The latest in the promotion attempt is offering a dating deal to the fan who helps promote her Facebook page.

Chapali Height

Once, she wrote a love letter to the boy in a very formal way. Realizing that Binee is not going to accept them, Raj tries to kill Binee. Binee finds Raj and Amir together with her in bed. According to the producer Arjun Kumar has told that he had kicked her out of the movie because of her ego problem. In the complaint, he was taken to a forest for further beating.

The producer and the director, Dipendra K Khanal were same in both the sequels. Amir catches Binee this time and asks why Binee is not understanding their love. We will post the full list of winners in a separate post.

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Amir and Bineeta come from Pokhara to live in Raj's house at Chapali Height, but the relationship between Amir and Bineeta sours and an accident occurs. When they grew up, their parents separated them, forcing Raj to move to Chapali Height, friv 100 games leaving Amir behind in Pokhara. She digs a graveyard where she buries both Raj and Amir together in Chapali Height to symbolize their eternal friendship.