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Season 2 Ep 11

The problem is they tell us this, show us one drinking session and that's all. On online platform Scarlet heart rates more than moonlight. Have they recovered from this very public scandal? That being said, the disjointed editing is seriously killing the narrative, and really hampering my expectations for the rest of the series. Punishing them is not an option.

Dating Alone Episode 11 Engsub

How much better if they had it done it properly. Patience dear, I think they're following the novel here. Rest assured, we will sure get to see a lot of jun-ki as the story unfolds. Su crosses her arms over her chest protectively, student teacher dating unwilling to disrobe in front of strangers.

Since we are almost at one-third of the story, I hope we will get to see more So-Soo soon. Reverse harems are one of my favorite tropes, im really glad we got to see more of that today. Loved Reply too but the husband hunting gimmick became a pain with the second and third installments. Wook scoops her up in his arms and carries her outside where the other princes have been waiting.

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She finds this out when fourteenth prince Jung comes in to beg for her intervention. If tonight's episode shows its not then i take back all i said. Used to be able to find it on youtube but it has been taken down. Raw and subbed are different! This isnt the first time this has happened in this genre, I doubt there's any Cheese level protagonist assassinating conspiracy going on here.

Dating Alone Ep 9 Eng Sub

Remember that she is in Cleveland alone, just days away from giving birth. But clumsy and shoddy as it may be, at least we know the show's entering a new arc now. Looking forward for the next video. Look at this episode it felt disconnected, I couldn't connect to it. On my personal experience.

He informs her that the marriage has been cancelled because of her scar, and that the Hae Clan will stop pressuring her to marry. The time has finally come. And you see i watch other shows too. That when I found out there was different versions, speed it didnt matter. Then the princes running all over to rescue her because hey they have reasons right.

Mornings at the Stoner house look a lot different after Queer Eye. Hey, is she just taking a history subject here? Nah, they're just following the original. Not to mention needing more Wang So.

The show has no center except when it focuses on So's story. Wook enters the room next, and Concubine Oh seems to understand why Su did what she did to escape the marriage. You all do realize they use this ploy so that when they do a rerun there will be more viewers tune in just to see the difference.

Produce 101 Season 2 Episode 1

How about jongmina couple? Each season sees Detective Harry Ambrose tackle another obscure crime, bringing light to an otherwise dark situation. It's almost like there were too many behind the scenes powers, pushing their own agenda and trying to jump on board what was expected to be a blockbuster drama.

Marry Me or Not Episode 12 ENG SUB

She wants to get out of Cleveland and come to L. The female characters so far except Lady Hae also are pretty one note which is why I find myself increasingly disappointed with no Wang So. This isn't a spoiler because it's happening before our very eyes, dating and it should be allowed to happen despite the billing of another endgame otp.

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No wonder when Hae Su's beating scene happened i was wondering how the hell did all the princes just causally appeared together, and also why did Baek Ah appear next to So? People have been complaining about the flow of the drama, since the first episode and now we know why. But I think after that, when a new ep.

It is very nice show about dating experiences. After days, they will decide whether to continue dating or not. This program are a reality show involving a celebrity and non-celebrity dating for a days dating contract. Whatever it's origins a good drama is a stand alone, you shouldn't need other media and writers for after the fact explanations because it's complete in and of itself. Su walks alone into Damiwon Palace, and clutches her small bundle ever tighter when she sees the formidable Concubine Oh standing before her.

  • Kim, everyone knows you are the most successful person in your class.
  • Hollywood has been doing this for decades.
  • Feel so bad for the actors who actually worked hard on this, particularly Lee Joon Gi.
Marriage Contract

Their strength should be hindered in his view, and not helped. Hi, just wanted to ask where you get the raws from? It looks like this drama is now realigning itself with the original novel after steering off-course in the earlier episodes. Will u upload the next episode hana? The king advances with the princes powerless to stop him, american dating sites free online until he hears a crash and turns around.

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  1. So, it seems rather rushed.
  2. He is barely in any scenes.
  3. They both have the different version.
  4. No but they did sooooooo well internationally.
  5. Let's end that rumor once and for all.
  6. This version is still available on DramaWaw.

It's like it's impossible to be in happy, committed relationships with multiple people in the course of a narrative. Eps was a good watch though. It wouldnt surprise me if So and Soo's relationship ends up rushed and unfulfilling. See the irony of it, they were trying to save her but instead she saves them all. Have you spent the last month bingeing through O.

Are they gonna push their friendship now, as they did in the original? But I spoke too soon anyhow only the first additional scene seems to of been subbed. But Hae Su is so shallow, one-note, and rather stupid that she feels more like a side character than the main lead. They are acting in desperation and m so pissed off.

But yes, outside of Lady Hae's episode, today's episode was so badly edited I was getting whiplash in between scenes. When LadyHae died, it should have been the end of their love. Next thing we know, we find Su sitting with Baek-ah, who talks about having to wait to join Lady Hae in the afterlife. Kim, after speaking with her sister, reveals that even more friends and acquaintances have since shared stories about Tristan's behavior. This story is from a book and a Chinese version so they have to stick to the story as much as possible.

Baek said that after Myung Hee died. She cries into his shoulder as he continues to soothe and comfort her. Never know what will happen between the two.

But, much as i like him and his acting, im aching for more Wang So scenes. Coz I saw at YouTube channel of u all episode gone. It's like a puzzle and i feel like the girl is in the middle of a mystery plot. So it's not surprising that we don't feel invested in this sudden new relationship between the two. So i don't see anything wrong with how they want to protect Su.

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Cut to Wook finding out about the marriage, which Princess Yeonhwa and her elder supporters seem to be all about. He was born to rule Goryeo. Is it only starting from ep.

Watch Dear White People Online. The other princes are thrown into a panic at the news, with Jung notifying everyone that the man Su is intended to marry is old, and has many sons. Unfortunately, even the supposed unedited raw version is edited.

Dating Alone Chanyeol Episode 12 Eng Sub
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