Dating celestion greenbacks for metal

Dating celestion greenbacks for metal

From onwards a two digit inspection number is usually included. Avatar will sell you an inexpensive cab loaded with this or any other combination. But that does not make them a speaker that can't handle an amp the way our friend said it does. Not an argument at all richedie.

Date stamps are printed vertically on the frame, and leading zeros are usually omitted from the day of the month. Some people might not like them at all, and that's ok too. Occasionally they might be printed on the outer rim.

The notes really seem to

So, we do record most styles of music here in the studio, and I have a few different cabs for the different application. With Most amps these speakers sound pretty decent. It was at times too forward or brash for me, though. Try the set when you get a chance.

In other words, these were fantastic rock and blues speakers and sounded very different from the Alnico type speakers used in other Marshalls as well as Voxes. That's really the only way to justify putting money into a project like this.

So here are the types I am using, just in case, along with the rest of the gear. To me they have the best greenback tone out of the current Celestions. Almost too much to the point where they sound taxed and ragged.

The notes really seem to ring with big, brassy authority. Old cab and speakers can sound like nothing else. It is voiced so well for the growl of overdriven guitar that they simply belong together. Date stamps are printed on the front gasket and may include the model number and inspection number.

It just happen that I have a different taste. Date stamp is still on the front gasket but with a smaller font size. The faint ink can sometimes make them difficult to read. Keep in mind, I go for rock and hard rock tones. Didn't want you to think I was starting an argument.

No guitar speaker has flat response, and at other frequencies two speakers of different sensitivities can rise above and duck below each other as you play. All of this is an attempt to stop carrying my Alamo Montclair around. Greenies alone, with all that warmth, can seem soft. The truth is, a lot of date stamps do not correspond with those formats and this confuses a lot of people. All this without drastically changing the winning character of the Greenback, nor overloading the mids to the point where they become harsh.

No guitar speaker has flat response

Celestion Date Codes - Bygone Tones

Old cab and speakers can soundDate stamps are printedIt is voiced so well for