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They would set up bivouac tents on this area. On Saturday evenings, my mother held open house for any of the men who cared to come. There was a Union-flag metal badge on the front and back bumper, as required by Allied occupation rules. It was a magical place, with palm trees and coffee plantations.

She was Irish, and had a lovely speaking voice. He had become a Buddhist and lived as a mandarin in Chinese style. Best of all was Andrew Lang's History of Scotland, which became my favourite book. At weekends, whole families would go to the earthworks, taking picnics with them.

As with all proper castles, there were ghosts. The hospital was high up on the Peak, and access was by a funicular railway. It really prickled the skin, as it does now, just to think of it. The Pfauen Insel Peacock Island lay beneath a rocky promontory on the river bank, which had a Greek Orthodox church on top of it.

One brother used his upbringing to drive him to succeed and the other brother used his upbringing as an excuse to blame his father for all his short coming and problems. Years later, I was to become a trained military parachutist with ease, having no fear of heights.

No stops were permitted, driving was to be at a certain steady speed so that the Russians could estimate where one should be on the route at any time, and so on. It has train and bus connections to the rest of China, as well as a busy harbour, with cargo ships and trade with South Korea.

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Gated communities are often referred to as mubans in Thailand. The great gate was closed, but, as my steps sounded on the drawbridge, the small postern gate was opened and the sentry held his rifle and bayonet aslant across the opening.

She even becomes friends with the security guard at the front gate. There we waited breathlessly for the crash of drums and the blare of brass as what was a superb military band marched out through that archway and began a magnificent display. But these were very unusual times, of course.

He was MacLaine of Lochbuie, a clan chief. It focuses on both the security aspect and the provision of lifestyle facilities for its residents. My mother, brother and I joined him there later that year. It also has flowers of silver and gold blooming on the lawns and grass rippling in rainbow colors. We were to go through the Panama Canal and over the Pacific on a troopship!

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Our lives revolved around that noble edifice, with its highest of standards. To the right of that long line of buildings was situated the garrison theatre. Created using watercolour, pen and black ink and graphite on thick, moderately textured, cream wove paper, it is now part of the Yale Center for British Art, Paul Mellon Collection. It was getting on for dusk when we arrived at our bungalow in Johor, although it was probably still evening, or maybe even late afternoon, because dusk comes early in the Far East.

The teacher must have forgotten that the troops there were not only Scots, but Highland. My Scots Guards brother and myself were choirboys in the splendid church and I well recall singing at the funeral of General Wagstaff. My mother had a very special pair of very handsome curtains, and as soon as they were up, we knew that we were at home.

The train consisted of only a few coaches, guarded by an officer and several men, all armed, and with live ammunition. It soon became our playroom. He was still away, and my mother was not well, so I was involved in all the decisions and the packing. My classroom was on the first floor and had a good view over the surrounding city. It was only then that the yacht went about and returned to the right side of the border.

They were soon housed in the barracks, of course, but it was a shock to a small boy to experience the less glamorous aspects of war. Of course, the forts in India were made of stone, but the boys played out imaginary wars in their grass forts.

The district commissioner, Reginald Fleming Johnston, lived in the big house on the point. Thirdly, tickets for the East German opera house were popular for monthly visits by the British my parents went occasionally. Warnen Weg itself was seemingly a long road in my memory, but I was then a small boy, and it is, in fact, only about yards long. At one point, the climb was so steep that my stretcher and I were almost vertical.

The reconstruction of Berlin was a massive task, of course, and when I lived there, virtually every other building was in ruins and was spread halfway across the street, or so it seemed. We watched as the glimmering lights disappeared into the darkness of the China Sea. My best friend was Soong Mei-ling. It may not have been the same, but the bottle certainly triggered that memory of the gift I had received all those years ago in Singapore. The same smell was ever present in the concrete fortifications that still lay everywhere, wide open to inquisitive investigation by a small boy such as me.

They really scared me, rumbling by. The houses at each end of the road had been completely or partially destroyed, and as a small boy, you could wander in and out of them at will.

She saw a flower outside, and the sentry was sent to pick it, while the officer took his place. The boys were given the clippings to make forts. The grass was allowed to grow long before it was cut with scythes. The most noticeable feature was a wide, enclosed verandah, with a bench that ran along it, under the windows. It was a large town, and the army garrison was mainly on the outskirts.

We had our own six-seat compartment, and for me the big attraction was the huge picture window so that I could see everything much more easily than from British carriages. If visitors turned up after the guides had gone off duty, they were allowed in if they had come some distance.

Nichada Thani in Pak Kret is a large gated community mostly serving expatriates. Aerial view of the Santiago de Surco middle class gated community of Lima, jareb dauplaise dating Peru.

Dengue fever was very prevalent. Left Behind on the Departure of the Regiment'. When I think of it now, I am amazed at everyone's patience. Suddenly, there was a busy social life, both on the island and on the mainland.

The family of four on the left was called Minty, and they must have lived in a flat near ours as the elder son also appears on the birthday photo sitting on my left. Aldershot was a very different environment. The camp was at Sham Shui Po, later to become notorious when it became an internment camp after the Japanese invasion. As we went up, I could see the streets, houses and shops receding from me. It was all so exciting, so thrilling.