Why Did I Get Banned - The Official Thread

Halo reach matchmaking ban time

Without a megathread for such questions, the rest of the forum will almost certainly turn into a cavalcade of ban questions. However, the community will help keep you honest.

When enough people give negativeSomething was going on with my

Something was going on with my internet. If this is indeed the case, we do understand your frustration. When enough people give negative In-Game feedback against them, action will be taken by Xbox Live staff. Anyway judge someone else.

The duration of this ban will be based on the type, frequency or nature of the committed violation. In extreme cases, they will not. Because you let them play at this age, but it is the video games fault when there are adverse effects.

The vast majority of you reading this will never need to post in this thread. Apparently he is not smart at the game, he got you banned. Instead the system looks for patterns that can't happen accidentally. Currently, bans are being handed out for a few things. If you post you were banned unjustly, the community is in their rights to check out your history to confirm or deny your claims.

Why Did I Get Banned - The Official Thread

To keep your matchmaking privileges in good standing, immediately cease any unsociable behavior and wait out the ban. The boy is smart and good at the game. Some of you know exactly why you should be banned, and others possibly, were just having networking problems. Regarless I'm judging an action that affects me directly and I know plenty about. Oh, and of course since you attacked me, I too will take the low road.

Bans are almost certainly legitimate, and will stay in force for their stated duration. In theory, it is trying to put you in the most competitive matches. Bungie assumes that I was quitting out of the games and banned me from playing.

If this is indeed the