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Perfect for hen parties, private villas, events, functions, or just an activity to do between friends. The production of the liqueur is restricted to the islands of Ibiza and Formentera. It is the most popular shot in Ibiza and Formentera. This means that the wild aromatic plants and those cultivated on Ibiza and Formentera have properties that have a unique effect on the human body. The quintessential capital of electronic music.

Hierbas Ibicencas is an aniseed flavoured drink which is made with a combination of the extracts and flavours of a variety of plant that contain aniseed. Nowadays, as tradition evolves, it is becoming more and more popular in cocktails and as the perfect accompaniment to various mixed drinks. He knew the secrets of the still and how to distil alcohol. Evolution with Ibiza Enjoy the drink Hierbas ibicencas is a traditional drink, to be enjoyed in a wine or shot glass - and in good company - to finish off a lunch or dinner. We will provide you with a recipe should you wish to make another batch.

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All parts are integral to it, forming an important movement, a way of life. Later this factory would move to Eivissa, the Catalan name for Ibiza, where it still exists today. You have just made your first bottle of hierbas, which will need time to infuse. Finally there is an infusion process which sees the plants put into boiling water and then the mixture is then allowed to cool.

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The manufacturing process can be divided into distilling, boiling, infusing and macerating. Ibiza - one of the world's top tourist destinations - with its beautiful beaches, its relaxed tranquil countryside and its famous nightlife and wild, endless summers.

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We will guide you step by step on how to make it, what amount of herbs to use and the infusion methods. Preparation Artisan distillers since Hierbas ibicencas are produced following the handwritten recipes of Juan Mari Mayans, creator of the liqueur and founder of the first distillery. These are combined with other plants such as hierbas ibicencas, Balearic star aniseed and green aniseed.