Updating the Ranch-Style Home

Home ranch style updating

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The lightness and depth provided by clear or translucent-glass upper cabinets make a small kitchen appear more open. Refresh yourself and your home with modern colors, classic staples and sleek lines with its open layout.

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Weave elegance inside your modern mixes. Built-in cabinets that complement those in the kitchen, plus an updated two-sided gas fireplace between the dining room and porch give the house architectural interest and charm. In the living room, Susan replaced two leather sofas with shapely linen-covered pieces. Almost any facade, including bricks, aluminum siding and stucco, is paint-friendly after a good cleaning and coat of suitable primer. Cream-colored, inch-thick recessed paneled doors create shadows and have the scale the large space demands.

This is another benefit you need to use when highlight contemporary, clean lines and bright neutrals. Front-facing gables, however, can change its appearance tremendously. She had her existing dining table refinished and updated it with new upholstered dining chairs. Walnut cubbies and two tall wine coolers beautifully display wine. The former family room was converted into the dining room with French doors to the balcony.

Then cover a bare porch or front steps with a portico that gives presence to a plain entry point. An updated ranch home fits in better alongside taller neighboring homes, and attracts more buyers, if you list it for sale.

Pattern enters the picture

If your layout have a breathier hallway woven throughout the home, detail those too. When a complete kitchen overhaul is not an option, replace old, laminate countertops with recycled glass or granite.

Rooms flow together, and Susan can entertain with ease. Make sure to match the colors and modern tendencies throughout the home. She spends much of her day working in her sunny lower-level office. Because of the easy transition between spaces and flowing freedom, lighting can go a long way throughout these homes. The crowning touch for Susan is the richly grained gold-and-gray Calacatta marble countertop.

Pattern enters the picture via the Tibetan area rug, pillows, and the stacked limestone fireplace surround. Large double-hung windows with transoms were installed throughout the house, filling rooms with light and transforming the boring ranch into a Hamptons look-alike. Murphy worked with the builder to include many eco-friendly features in the remodel, too, including a geothermal heating and cooling system. Beamed and coffered ceilings and detailed trimwork on mantels and doorways give the house the weight and scale it previously lacked and add to the classic East Coast feel. Give your squat space a lift with options as inexpensive as a coat of paint.

It helps with the transition between rooms and keeping the vision intact. Plus they tuck under neatly when she uses the island for serving.

This space is lighter, brighter and a bit more feminine than the super sharpness of classic modernism. The Kitchen Is King The typical ranch has a family room neighboring the kitchen.