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Description This application is a multilingual Japanese dictionary that does not require an internet connection. Kanji Teacher - Learn Japanese.

The best part about both these apps? It comes with an audio feature, which you can use to listen to Japanese pronunciation at varying speeds, from tortoise slowest to hare fastest. Neither of us were willing to sacrifice our frisbee or trade up our picnic basket for a two-inch paperweight. Our team will review it and, if necessary, take action.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Since the last update I don't manage to use the app again, someone got a solution? Draw any kanji or kana with handwriting recognition and Japanese will decipher and display the most likely character. Master the language and become a Japanese pro! This one is a great dictionary and works great for study also.

With the click of a button, you can copy translated Japanese text and instantly insert it into documents, text messages and emails. Really poor, don't recommend. Experience Japanese immersion online! Description Yomiwa is a modern offline Japanese dictionary, including numerous features to help you read and learn Japanese. You can browse through sushi easily by categories and pictures.

This has been my go-to app Japanese app for almost a decade now. Japanese words can be searched using kanji, kana, romaji or latin alphabets. Language supported English United States. Most helpful favorable review. You can search by English word or Japanese word in romaji, kana, or kanji.

You can also upload translations to Twitter and Facebook without the hassle of copying and pasting it yourself. The developer, Vivien, is extremely responsive to feedback and provides bug fixes. Apps with a Japanese name written beside it have an interface in Japanese. This app can Access your Internet connection. If you liked this post, something tells me that you'll love FluentU, the best way to learn Japanese with real-world videos.

Japanese dictionary

If you enjoy learning colorful, memorable Japanese lessons like these, then you simply must try FluentU! By tapping a new word, users can hear native pronunciation. Japanese is the ultimate study companion for any Japanese learner. Nihongo - Japanese Dictionary. Anyways great work, it is really appreciated!

Handwriting Recognition

Unfortunately, It would be excellent if an option of storing words can be added. Hannah Muniz is a freelance writer and translator in the greater Houston area. Doesn't have an offline function which is a shame, but delivers a lot of varied results including commonly-used phrases and idioms, which are really useful in getting a handle on how a word is used.

Family Sharing With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app. Imi plans to release more features in the future that include quizzes and mini games, and the ability to sync study collections across multiple devices. Just make sure the shutter is on silent!

The 6 Best Translation Apps for Learning and Understanding Japanese

Takoboto Japanese Dictionary

Kanji can be searched by selecting multiple radicals. You can even search for words in conjugated forms! When viewing example sentences, only the first line of each translation is displayed until the example is scrolled past vanishes from view. When a entry is learned in a deck, the entry remembers it's been learned and doesn't show up as often as a non-learned entry.

The 6 Best Translation Apps for Learning and Understanding Japanese

Draw any kanji and have Japanese decipher and display the most likely kanji or kana. In my experience, when editing a list, it is too easy to accidentally delete it, so I would suggest the adition of a confirmation pop-up. Get started with Japanese now! Real good for learning japanese, absolutely love this app.

Seizure warnings Photosensitive seizure warning. You can even input whole sentences.

If you already know the basic sentence structure of Japanese and are just looking to learn thousands of new words to add to your vocabulary, this app is perfect for you. Each entry in the dictionary has valuable information for someone trying to learn, like sentence examples and a breakdown of every piece of the word or character. Takoboto is an offline Japanese - English, English - Japanese dictionary and Japanese language learning tool. Each word is accompanied by audio pronunciation and example sentences. The Android version does have some bugs in it, though, beweg dein arsch that keep it fun getting top marks.

Japanese text is detected, recognized and parsed into words in a fraction of a second. That or either it takes forever to display the matches.

It's kinda like when a product's survey asks if I'd recommend the product to my friends and of course I say no. Its powerful kanji tools can be used for study, and the fact that it works offline will prove to be extremely helpful.

Handwriting Recognition

Full sentences and conjugated forms of verbs and adjectives are also recognized. It's simple to use and extremely effective, allowing you to look up the definitions you need at lightning speed.

Users can search for kanji characters simply by drawing the character directly on the screen or if you want to look up a word by its radicals, stroke order, kana or romaji, you can do that too. The powerful search function lets you input words in any kind of alphabet Kanjis, Hiraganas, Katakanas, Romajis and in any language. Additional terms Terms of transaction. The product is never that great. Rewritten from the ground up.

The recognition in live mode can be unstable, but works great on still pictures. It's nice to see that the app is being continuously improved and I'm looking forward to future updates! Have you forgotten conversational phrases and how to pronounce certain words? Two tourists and a German Shepard walk into Ueno Park.

Learning Language Dictionary also includes a kanji-trace feature, stroke order and includes the number of strokes in kanji to strengthen your reading skills. Definitions are kept on the elementary-level side while kanji can be converted to hiragana. Yomiwa's dictionary has been built up from diverse sources in order to provide you with the most complete Japanese dictionary app on the App Store.

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