Madhuri Dixit The Best Actress of Bollywood

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She oozes sex appeal, especially when she dances. This scene is filled with intensity, which is what she is most known for. She's in total control of her image and is credited for doing her makeup for films and publicity shots.

Madhuri Dixit The Best Actress of Bollywood

Shabana is sexy because she exudes class, charm and strength, which makes her captivating to watch. Aside from being a legendary dancer, she's won numerous Filmfare Awards throughout her lengthy career. Jaya's career as a lead actress continues long after her marriage to Amitabh Bachchan.

Her parents Babita and Randir Kapoor were also famous Bollywood actors. Not only does she have modern looks, she also wasn't afraid to show off her amazing body in short skirts and see through sarees.

Her parents Babita and Randir

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She's growing as an actress by choosing the right films and critics are noticing her. She is considered the best Indian actress of her time.

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