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The cats were everywhere in Greece, including the monuments. Doing that also keeps your energy up. They look like they have it all.

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We had an equal discussion of ideas. There are always going to be things that surprise you. My brothers are going to laugh when they see it.

Viggo Mortensen and Kirsten Dunst Talk The Two Faces of January

The camaraderie and support that was immediately within the group was so nice. In this novel, Colette is a typical Highsmith female character, and is almost objectified. Yeah, I kept pushing her away, not trying to but I was so worried about what was happening with them that I got paranoid. So I wanted to make Collette as much of an interesting character as I could. In the subtle way it was shot, there is more.

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One funny thing happened in London. Yeah, I think a dark side is part of their genius. But I love comedies, and I love making them. Sometimes it was hard being the only female. He brought it further for the film.

The camaraderie and support that was

Now, with green screen, you can fake things. Whether things go well or badly I still get up every day and write. But it was interesting acting with you turns to Mortensen and Oscar, for me as an actress. Viggo and Kirsten and I were walking, and this woman ran up and handed her camera to Viggo and asked him to take a picture of her with Kirsten. The actors that I love all have that slightly dangerous element.

Then Hoss wrote it better, and Kirsten took it further. But I wanted to be a part of this film because I loved the script so much, and Viggo was already attached.

We ended up making a really interesting, original movie, and were making jokes and having fun. He goes to Argentina to work for their army, with is year-old daughter. You already see him desperate and paranoid. But most of our scenes were relaxed. So we were always reminded in the morning of what we were seeing.

Also, Greece is still undergoing a certain amount of turmoil that it was while we were there shooting. Viggo does the funniest impression of his dad. We also got to see beautiful places. Dorri Olds is a contributing journalist for TheBlot Magazine.

We did have some nice times, and had dinner together. He felt more like a partner than an actor on the movie.