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Only now, post-Kilgrave's gaslighting, she's reluctantly attempting to understand who she is and how she acquired special powers. Howards End Starz Miniseries. The larger story, left mostly under-developed and intriguing fodder for a second season should YouTube renew it, is about who her real dad is and how she received her powers in the first place. Armistead Maupin's Tales of the City. Luckily, it's very watchable.

The latest season of Ryan Murphy's campy horror series is about the Antichrist, if you couldn't tell by the photo. It's sexier and grittier than the former Freeform family show, chalte chalte yunhi koi mp3 but there also lots of nods to the parents series and the show's social conscious angle.

We'll guide you through it! The creative high jinks come courtesy of director Steven Soderbergh, whose filmmaking inventiveness also materialized this year with the mind-bending shot-entirely-on-iPhone movie Unsane. Becoming Royal, Songland and more! Disturbingly nuanced performances from Patricia Arquette and Joey King make The Act a convincing case for the ongoing dramatization of true crime stories.

The film finds everyone's favorite characters reunited after a decade to celebrate South Dakota's statehood. Was it really two-and-a-half years since the first round of adventures with our favorite Netflix-distributed Marvel superhero?

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The series acts as a prequel to the popular series Z Nation. Jonah Hill and Emma Stone star in this stylish, mind-bending limited series about two messed-up people who volunteer for an experimental drug trial.

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Who knows but yes, probably. Williams, Vera Farmiga, and John Leguizamo highlight an all-star cast. The film was mildly received, but now creator Thomas is getting a real chance to resuscitate his no-longer-a-teen detective. Can anyone even remember what was even like anymore?


It seems impossible to believe that a parody of true-crime docuseries like Making a Murderer could focus on something even more outlandish than penis graffiti and pull it off. This series, which said fini! The show tracks an initially reluctant but eventually passionate alliance between a witch Teresa Palmer and a vampire Matthew Goode as they race to unravel the secrets of a mysterious book. Will the rest of the gang overcome his shenanigans? Entertainers are followed on the road to document the heavy toll of nightly performances, as well as tours that can last several months at a time.

Chernobyl rivets with a creeping dread that never dissipates, dramatizing a national tragedy with sterling craft and an intelligent dissection of institutional rot. Former rivalries are reignited, alliances are tested, and old wounds reopened as all are left to navigate the inevitable changes that modernity and time have wrought. Amy Adams plays a big-city newspaper reporter investigating murders in her small Missouri hometown in this adaptation of Gone Girl author Gillian Flynn's debut novel.

Can one bad decision change your entire life? Vida Starz The series about two estranged sisters in L. You Have Seen Calculating. In this new show that's equal parts ludicrous and addictive, a seemingly nice-guy bookstore manager goes full stalker when a self-sabotaging poet with horrible friends visits his shop.

Storme Warren and Stacy McCloud host this weekly show that covers everything country music. This event is invitation-only, but it comes to viewers around the world with a ninety-minute broadcast from Nashville, Tennessee. The Case Against Adnan Syed. It's a fantastic, propulsive thriller, best viewed in its original language and subtitles, that you will blow through like a book you can't put down.

This high-concept sci-fi action series, based on the mindbending novel by Richard K. The second iteration of Ryan Murphy's true crime anthology is not nearly as mesmerizing as The People v. Can the rodeo survive them? Like similar teen series of the fantasy genre, of course, as Jack becomes enmeshed in a world of dark magic, things take a supernatural turn for the worst.

And each week, The Weekly chooses to tell one of these stories in a visual and unforgettable way. His target is a classmate who is also kind of sociopathic too.

The final season finds Paige grappling with her new double-life as a Russian agent, Philip out of action and focused on making the travel agency work, and Elizabeth being, well, Elizabeth. How do you choose what to watch? Stay tuned for more updates as more premiere dates are announced. Catastrophe Amazon The fourth and final season should wrap up the international adventures of Rob and Sharon.

Collateral Netflix Miniseries. The finale is genuinely surprising. Wednesday Ian McShane are still caught in the middle of the godly beef. Drunk History Comedy Central More hilarious historical reenactments are coming from Derek Waters and his comedic cast in this sketch series. Morgan, requires both laser focus and suspension of disbelief to give in to its trashy charms.

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The show, now entering its second season, will also make you want to call in sick, so make sure to polish off your best go-to excuse for your boss. She attempts to help a friend and detective solve some of the most challenging cold cases in their town.

Comedians and country musicians unite in this fun event that gives the power to the people. Europe celebrates the best in music during this annual star-studded awards show.

Oh, and there's also a rakish and single son, in case you were wondering about that sort of thing. Corporate Comedy Central This bleak comedy about office drones and the evil powers that be at the conglomerate where they work will definitely make you laugh.

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Sadly, we'll have to wait another year for more. Dirty John Bravo Miniseries. The relentlessly grim, yet completely compelling, dystopian drama drops a bigger set of similarly emotionally draining episodes. More Top Movies Trailers Forums.