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Free parking was a bonus for us since we arrived by car. In addition, we want shopping to be an experience instead of a race.

That way we could get a glass of wine while we tried on shoes for the dresses. Treasure hunting in personal stores It was early morning when we ented North Jutlands Aalborg, right where Limfjorden stretches, shiny and blue. Michael made us feel very welcome and explained everything clearly. No, it is enough with a wish of shopping in a place where it is not just large department stores but rather small, personal specialty stores, which offers something you can't find anywhere else.

Treasure hunting in personal stores It

Since they served food from the modern danish kitchen based on the seasons delicious produce, it would keep us for a while. However, we don't need an excuse like that to come back.

Michael made us feel very welcome

We could pick up the jewelery after a day of shopping. It was very central to all amenities including the central rail station but quiet at night.

Therefore we got the perfect jewelery for our dresses, our colors, face and body. Opening hours Before going home, there were two thing, we had to have Luckily we all found shoes that fit and along with a glass of red wine, we left the store in a great mood. My friend is getting married, so our trip to Aalborg was a shopping trip as well as a party trip - almost like a three-day bachelor party. The white clouds reflected in the water with the promise of a great day. The edges were dipped in the most delicious olive oil - and we savoured every bite.

Shopping is hard, you know. Most Checked-in Women's Clothing Store close to Loft by Loftet If it wasn't for the latest fashion items in the store, it was just like going back in time.

Aalborg Dating, Aalborg Singles, Aalborg Personals

Whether we had a black belt or gold medal in shopping, we had to eat first. Loftet Aalborg Opening times Search Seductive shopping in Aalborg Aalborg is a party for the senses - and the shopping gene. The store has made party dresses in tulle, silk and beautiful fabric from Turkey their trade mark.

That way we could get

We filled a couple of bags with homemade pesto, honey-glased nuts, olive tapenade and tempting cheeses. It had all the comforts of my home. Naturally we also drank some beer - light as well as dark from the copper boiler in the basement. The night life was waiting, but first we were served with gourmet cooking at one of the city's best restaurants.