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She is extremely gorgeous and known for her exclusive attitude. Most of beautiful women were burned. There are reasons to talk about the ways for the beauty of these girls.

Anna Vladimirovna Shurochkina is a super hot and energetic singer of Moscow, Russia. In Western countries, any russian woman with any appearance she was given by nature, is considered to be in the circle of the elect the most charming.

Tamara is known for her unique style of walking in different fashion shows and on ramps. Tina is a beautiful and charming diva of the era.

This Russian diva has professional skills, and gorgeous personality. She is too hot and sexy that you can not stop yourself from getting impressed.

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She is a tv anchor, dancer, abc del amor latino dating and actress as well. Sasha Pivovarova Sasha is a successful Russian model and actress.

Daria Strokous Daria Strokous is a Moscow born beauty who began career as an exclusive model of Prada. And such cosmetics retain youthful skin, improve beauty. Irina looks very charming in swimming costumes.

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She debuted in television industry by hosting a famous show a few years back. Lera Kudryavtseva Lera is another wonderful and hot Russian model. Her real name is Anna Vladimirovna Shurochkina. She has always been known for her distinctive fashion sense.

The witch's hallmark was beauty. She is known for her captivating personality and beautiful eyes. But they do it only in the case with a natural cosmetics without chemicals. Alina Arts is a gorgeous and bold multi-talented woman of Russia. Glukoza was born in June, and is a beautiful woman with energetic personality.

So, usually old women, who collected herbs and healing, were considered witches. She has heart shaped bone structure due to which she got popularity in modeling world very soon. The sun is shining well in Russia in summer, by which the skin of girls and women gets smooth and attractive tan.

Anna Selezneva Anna is another amazing and talented Russian model and actress. Elena Zakharova a wonderful theater and television actress. Irina Shayk Great figure and wonderful personality make Irina a hot and appealing Russian model to talk about. Wars and resettlements are the result of the fact that the russian land is settled with foreigners.

Zoya has silky and shiny hairs, beautiful eyes and a blond personality. She walked at the International Fashion Week. Natalia has made her name in the modeling industry distinctively. Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova is also known with the name of Glukoza. Elizaveta Golovanova belongs to an educated family and she holds engineering degree.

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Nyusha has so far given us various beautiful songs and she owns attractive personality. She was born in in Moscow.

In fact, Glukoza is her commonly known name and she is a successful and highly admirable Russian singer. She is also the co-founder of The Apostle Media.

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If the newborn girl was too pretty, she was often killed with a fear of being a witch. Russian women are generally recognized as the most beautiful. She is a graceful and wonderful woman of all time. Daria Werbowy Daria Werbowy is another hot and gorgeous model. This Russian diva has worked with exclusive fashion brands throughout the world, and earned great success.

And also are able to present the correct external charming beauty on their own. Her blue eyes and sizzling fashion style are the secrets behind her so much success. There were also cases of charging women of witchcraft in Russia, but in mostly there was no witch hunting in such a massive scale as in Europe. She garnered huge attention from the leaders of the industry due to her ad campaigns.

Anna Kournikova Anna is yet another appealing and beautiful Russian model. Tina Kandelaki is a popular television journalist, social activist and owns her private production house. The witch-hunt took place n the Middle Ages in Europe, during which women were seen as witches. She is known for seasonal shows which she used to do in the start of her career. She is tall and cute and owns amazing personality and a hot appeal.

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Russian women know how to love themselves and their beauty. She has hot personality and well-curvy figure.

She is also a successful singer and solo artist. She owns wild dark hairs, deep blue eyes and a stylish personality. The image of witches in Russia was different from the European one.