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As for Sabo himself he wants freedom from his noble family and later joined on revolutionary, which fights for freedom against World Government Roger is Luffy's maternal grandfather. Law is Luffy's cousin Come on, they must be related! Combined with the gale example, is kacey musgraves dating this would also include the lightning that struck Buggy when he was seconds from executing Luffy. Garp could very well be related to Luffy through his mother's side.

While it's played as a coincidence at that point in the series, very few things in One Piece are actually pure coincidence. It must be that her final attempt had awakened her Conqueror's Haki, even if for that moment, and turned everyone's attention towards her.

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He isn't now, but plenty of the characters have piracy in their pasts. Recent chapter showed it was possible to hide some part of the name. Alternatively, she's a noble from Goa kingdom, or related to the royal family.

Unless Rebecca is somehow inspired by her father's acts and legend to keep on fighting anyway, it's unlikely she'll join the crew. Summarise your video for the community or create new points to further the discussion of the videos. No mother is known to survive in this series, action girl or not, related by blood or not. Plus, I think it's time for a third female on the crew. Perhaps Jinbe wants to reconcile with his crew before he joins the Straw Hats and explain to them what had really happened.

Considering how emotional the reveal of Ace being Roger and Rouge's son was, I sorta doubt Oda is gonna back step it. Mystical Zoan fruit, Azure Dragon of the East? Nico Robin's father is Gol D.

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Kind of makes sense, but again, that would mean Ace is Luffy's uncle. There's a big difference between a mythical zoan and an artificial, likely imperfect devil's fruit. And Cowboy Cop Garp shacking up with a notorious pirate who's now dating Roger's Number Two seems extremely in character for him. This wouldn't really serve any purpose in the story other than the obvious. The crew already went past the Red Line.

Also, there was some speculation to why the crew didn't join the fight against Hody and where they are now. Either way, he could have grown disgusted with the aristocracy much like Sabo did and dedicated himself to changing it. For some odd reason, their dad had to give up one of them to the marines and trained the other in the ways of the sword.

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Love for adventure, love for Dragon, or just some sort of epiphany about how much damage her people are doing being the reason. Maybe that's how she's still alive. Law is trying to find Sniper Island The real reason Law has been taking people's hearts is because he's looking for Sniper Island.

It is possible someone just change their name out of convenience. Also, it'd be really cool.

Besides, Mononosuke's devil's fruit hasn't been explored at all well, yet. Yes, Oda is known to subvert the obvious every time he can.

Also, to be honest, for One Piece's tone, Oda prefers emotional story lines, and I'm not sure if you can get a lot of mileage out of that, and it would seem really awkrawd. Well, technically they all belong to the D. As much as I would like that, it seems unlikely now that her father has reunited with her, and told her she doesn't have to fight anymore. And if Luffy's mother is alive, why didn't Dragon send her into hiding together with Luffy? Yet he doesn't seem to mind what Dragon is doing, he visits Ace in prison, and even proclaims to Luffy he still wants to be loved by his grandson.

This is incredibly interesting, but also unlikely. Dragon isn't Luffy's father He's his mother. When Dragon finally fights, he'll have Yonkou-level strength. Also, they seem to be around the same age, and are really the only two characters named after plants that have styled their hair as such.