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Sunidhi Chauhan, Vishal Dadlani. He's a complete natural, has all the trappings of a fine actor and has delivered a super performance. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. One day, when Ashima can't find his doctor's report, Vicky admits that he did not take the fertility test because of his past success as a sperm donor.

Times of India Film Awards. After the major critical and commercial success of the film, producer John Abraham announced that he was encouraged by the response of Vicky Donor and has therefore laid a sequel on the cards.

Vicky Donor deals with sperm donation and infertility. He starts to spend the money wildly and renovates his home and his mother's parlour. But the concept is set against the background of sperm donation.

Best Male Playback Singer. Additionally, Khurrana studied acting and attended workshops with N.

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Vicky's mother is angry about Vicky's sperm donation and slaps him. Indian actor Siddharth bought the remake rights for the Tamil version. The movie ends with Chaddha calling Vicky telling him that a request for his sperm has come in. Akshay Verma, Aditi Singh Sharma. At first, he tells his friends he is a sperm donor but after their disgust, he starts to keep it a secret.

John Abraham Entertainment Eros Entertainment. Latest Movies Lyrics Simmba. Despite initial friction between their families due to conflicting cultures, they convince their families and get married. Global Indian Music Academy Awards. Chaddha tells Vicky that he will fix Vicky's marriage.

Aditi Singh Sharma, Akshay Verma. International Indian Film Academy Awards. Chaddha meets Vicky and concludes that Vicky is the donor he has been looking for.

Vicky Donor Lyrics Song Lyrics. One night, he gets a frantic call from his mother who claims that income tax officers have raided her beauty parlour. She is also upset that he hid this from her and goes back to her father's home. Chaddha, vlc player with recorder who clears the air with the police about where Vicky got so much money from. It doesn't seem like Vicky Donor is his first film.

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As the script went through several drafts, she met a couple who run a noted fertility clinic in Mumbai. Thankfully, this sperm hits bullseye. In an ironic turn, it is discovered that Ashima is infertile. Big Star Entertainment Awards. Aditi Singh Sharma, Clinton Cerejo.

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Upcoming Lyricists of the Year. Vicky goes to Ashima's father's home and tries to apologize for his deception. Upcoming Music Composer of the Year. Best Actress in a Supporting Role.

Vicky Donor Theatrical release poster. After dating, they want to get married.

Ashima reveals that she is divorced, having been previously married to a man who left her because he loved someone else. He says that Vicky and Ashima should adopt her.

Theatrical release poster. Ashima sees these families and realizes how Vicky has brought happiness into their lives. He painstakingly convinces him to become a donor. Kudos to John Abraham for his brave maiden production. This song is composed by abhishek ray, akshay verma with lyrics penned by swanand kirkire.

Vicky hides the fact he is a sperm donor, feeling ashamed of it. They happily agree and reconcile with each other.

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He provides no financial support to his mother. He asks Vicky to bring Ashima to an event he is hosting.

Though Vicky is hesitant at first, he accepts after seeing the high salary. With Ashima's approval, he agrees. Vicky wants a job that will provide him a better lifestyle. After their wedding, Vicky stops donating sperm out of faithfulness to Ashima. Producers Guild Film Awards.

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Unfortunately, he has more failed cases than successes. Vicky is arrested on suspicion of handling black money. She then encourages him to bring back Ashima.