Mcdetenders tenders dating

Mcdetenders tenders dating

Revised rates, Earnest Money, Security Deposit. Dismantled material will be handed over to engineer-in-charge. The firm should not engage any sub contractor without the approval of Engineer-In-Charge.

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The payment to the contractor shall be released only after the bed level for each drain is achieved. The contractor will furnish the list of such staff to the Engineer-In-Charge regularly.

Cement will be procured by the bulk paced bitumen for the road work directly from the Bharat Petroleum Indian Oil Co. All the testing charges from the independent laboratory shall be borne by the contractor.

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The rates should be quoted both in words and figures. No conditional tender will be accepted. The drawing for the same shall be got approved from the Engineer-In-Charge before execution and only approved drawing shall be binding on the contractor.

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All boards shall be installed by means of rag bolts or any arrangement approved by the Engineer-In-Charge. Detailed literature of fixtures should also be submitted along with tenders on demand. In case of negotiations the period of validity of rates will be counted from the date of negotiation.

Lots of questions must be filled out to create a profile. Tender without earnest money will be rejected.

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The contractor will help in handing over the fitting repaired to the semi high mast light maintaining agency. Me thinks the profiles aren't real. Construction of Guard Room by pdg.

Against their quoted offer. You won't be able to delete your account. The Contractor will have to furnish necessary certificates in support to genuiness of the material as and when required by the Deptt. Of course, responding to anyone is paywalled.

Revised rates Earnest Money