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Netmeeting remote desktop sharing disabled dating, netMeeting Remote Desktop Sharing

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If a remote user has a computer problem, you can access that computer and then fix the problem as the user watches. Once you've made a connection, you take control of the remote computer as if you were sitting in front of it.

Disable remote Desktop sharing

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Others can watch work being done at the remote computer. And, you can use files and programs on your office computer while you are at another location.

Choose Tools Remote Desktop Sharing and follow the instructions on screen. If you don't have a password screen saver and someone on the remote end presses the Esc key, you lose control of the session to that person, but you can still watch the screen. In this article, we'll show you how you can access and use one computer from another by sharing the desktop. Choose Tools Enable Sharing and follow the instructions on screen. Once the program is installed, you can launch it, and finish the configuration.

This ability is important in case a server loses power and has to reboot. The mouse cursor on the remote computer will show your initials as well as the pointer, letting others know who has control of the computer.

NetMeeting Remote Desktop Sharing

After your computer restarts, immer mobil immer online dating launch NetMeeting. NetMeeting also may save you a drive to the office to fix a server problem. Remote Desktop Sharing will not work if NetMeeting is running on the computer. NetMeeting also starts your password-protected screen saver if anyone tries to use the computer while it is being accessed.