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Play as a special forces soldier whose mission is to navigate top-secret missions around the world. Players have to be careful as they have a limited ammo supply.

You won't be armed to the teeth with weapons where you can mow down hapless monsters. Take advantage of ad-free gaming, cool profile skins, automatic beta access, and private chat with Kong Plus.

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Matches have up to thirty participants, are easy to find and games start quickly. Free Download the full version of one of the best multiplayer shooters available. Expands on one of the big boys of multiplayer gaming.

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Free Considered by many to be one of the shooters with the brightest futures. There are a lot of Star Wars games that let you follow the exploits of the Jedi masters and the rest of the rebel alliance. Be sure to improve your hand-eye coordination as these first-person shooter games will keep you busy.

Updates are released each month and feature ever more ridiculous monsters, like shark tornadoes or augmented orcs from World of Warcraft. Then step into the pixelated world of Cube Wars Battle Survival and experience one of the best pixelated First-Person-Shooter in the free-to-play genre. The characters have distinct powers but separate into broad roles. In this game, you will take the role of Dylan.

Multiplayer First Person Shooter Games

Then meet the other remaining survivors, recruit and train them for combat, and build your own empire. With the addition of weapons to the solid platforming and puzzle gameplay, Mad Dex Arenas makes the series skyrocket with endless fun. The massive battles, which sometimes host up to players at once, will surely amaze you. If you love playing Hide and Seek, then this game is definitely for you!

Once the best online shooter on the Internet with free online game play. Here are ten online multiplayer shooters you can play without spending a dime. Experience the new iteration of the world's first competitive online shooter in Quake Champions, e film a free-to-play title from id Software and Bethesda Softworks.

Start shooting pixel warriors and zombies in a new battle royale shooter. Highly-anticipated shooter that should be brilliant.

There is no story in the game, just a very simple goal. Have you ever been bored at work that you crumpled a piece of paper to shoot in the trash? Aside from the tons of collectible weapons and upgrade parts that you can get while playing, you can also customize your character with equipment that provides perks and boosts your gameplay. Play for hours, as you protect your tank. Download now and get access to various guns, updates, events, hack and cheats to the game!

The small maps you know, for giant robots and customizable vehicles and weapons keeps the combat fresh, and the gritty, high-powered graphics should satisfy gamers looking for a visual treat. Interact with various characters in detail-rich towns. The game is in continual development with help from the community, and right now all modes and in-game items are free. Boom, you got this simplistic beauty. Enter the fray with guns blazing in this high-octane adrenaline-pumped action game.

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The 10 Best Free-to-Play Online Shooters

Dead or alive, you should shoot your way out. There are eight game modes to participate in. Windows Mac iPhone Android. Marble Legend Marble Legend takes on you a spiral ride into puzzle heaven!

And strikes have been planned on highly populated areas. Looking for a game to help you pass the time? Deadly Shores is another first-person shooting game that brings an exhilarating gaming experience as you are put in a battle against the mighty dinosaurs that sees you as their perfect snack. Shoot evil forces that stand in the way of a calm and safe world.

Billed as the first standalone battle royale game, The Culling is now free-to-play and offers a tight, game-show-like battle royale experience! Join in an expedition that explores the world as seen through the eyes of ferocious beasts once thought to be extinct. But have you ever played a game that lets you side with the Empire? Get set for an adventure of galactic proportions.

The game teaches the player how to hunt different creatures like wolves, bears, and deer. The place is infested with zombies and you have to fight for your own survival. Deadly Shores You are on a new adventure. Created by the strategy masterminds at Wargaming. Are you ready to face enemies in an ultimate death match?

You can also create custom maps for your matches and load the maps that are available in the game. You will have access to hundreds of different weapons and skins that you can customize and upgrade to give your player a competitive edge in the game.

Discover an action-packed fighting game that features nonstop fighting. Engage in a battle with your fellow players and win the game to level up more. Feel the adrenaline rush of being inside the realistic battlefield as you shoot and become the best sniper in the world.