How to Hook Up Sound to an Optoma Projector

Optoma projector hook up

That said, you can connect it to your own sound system for an incredible home theater or backyard movie night experience. Press the source button that corresponds to the input you used to connect the video cable to the projector.

Connect the other end of the cable to the corresponding input on the back of the Optoma projector and then turn on the projector. Some are extremely portable, suitable for road warriors that travel and make presentations on the fly.

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How to Connect a Mac Laptop to a Dell Projector

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Wait for both to shutConnect the other end

Some projectors are suitable for large venues, and have high resolutions and very powerful lamps.

The new settings will take effect immediately. Wait for it to warm up and begin displaying an image. Connecting the laptop to the projector is no different than connecting it to any other external monitor.