Phoonk 2008 Movie

Phoonk 2008 movie

And he also won in telling it in a purely Indian way. Some would rubbish it, but the believers might endorse the finale.

Phoonk 2008 movie

You can help by adding to it. Although, I believe Black magic in scientific way, but this doesn't means all the rubbish beliefs among illiterates have some basis. And you're all eyes and ears the moment someone comes up with an alibi. It's superstition till it happens to you.

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He has some resemblance to Javed Jaffery but has acted like an experienced performer. Ganesh Yadav lends good support. Raina and Lilette Dubey, both doctors, are competent. Audible Download Audio Books. Baby Ahsaas Channa makes an impact as the main sufferer.

The movie opened up after an effective publicity campaign. There are no approved quotes yet for this movie. It was remade in Telugu as Raksha. The film had the typical Ram Gopal Verma elements of the typical ghostly faces and sounds and also the boring creepy atmosphere that was created. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account.

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Now, let me put this straight, after I had watched phoonk, I can come to the absolute conclusion that Mr. Phoonk Promotional poster. Ram Gopal Varma's Phoonk turned out to be a surprise hit at the box office. Background Score, Visuals, photoshine 3.5 full version camera angles etc were supposed to play a major role in a movie which was made to scare the audience.

Sudeep, Jagapathi Babu, Bhavana. People go inside the hall and literally make fun of the characters and the movie. Now at the end of his wits, Rajiv begins to look to God. Characterization was a bit skewed, inadequately fleshed out. Top must watch horror movies in Bollywood.

He plays the role of a crippled Tantrik and he has acted superbly. Your email address will solely be used for verifying the ticket.

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Phoonk 2008 movie

Moreover during the whole movie you can hear laughters and giggles in the cinema. The performances given by the actors couldn't really help the story and the direction and instead made things worse.

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Phoonk 2008 movie

Manja also tells them that Rajiv's driver has been helping the duo by providing them with necessary materials like Raksha's hair, soil from her foot and her toys to perform black magic. Did they not watch the movie themselves? It was declared a blockbuster at the box office by several media outlets.

Of course, you do get the jhatkas in a scene or two, but you don't clasp your hands tightly even once, nor does your heart goes dhak-dhak at a lightening speed. The Witch and the Witchdoctor were the best of the lot and they played the role of their lifetime.

Some concept taken from Hollywood movie exorcist, while main concept being a girl is under spell of black magic. Dharmendra, Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol. What chill and what thrill is he talking about?

To any horror movie fans, an advice, just completely avoid this movie. At present viewers are more interested in seeing genuine Horror movies based on original themes. The movie has its moments to enjoy, but you may also feel less supplied to you in respect to info about the subject. The actress playing Sudeep's mother gives the required mystic touch to the movie. Zakir Hussain's tantric act is superb.

The film based on superstition and black magic. The usage of background music was pathetic according to the film sequences. Written by rAjOo gunwanti hotmail. And finally at the end of movie, Indian black magic women becomes some mutant from Hollywood movie X-men, throwing peoples in air by powers of her hand. Sudeep is surely a great discovery.

The superstitious and religious grandmother repeatedly says that someone is using Black Magic on Raksha, but Rajiv and the doctors refuse to believe any of it. Two thieves, a magician, a computer hacker, a wannabe actor and a explosives expert plan a robbery to fulfill the dream of Victor Braganza.

There was even another contest where participants were supposed to submit their real life experience horror story. In spite of his condition, Auro is a very happy boy. The situation is not far when people will start ridiculing him at every launch or premiere of a movie of the horror genre.