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The experiment was created to be in a real- world teaching and learning context, with the use of InterBook as an integral part of a university subject as described inthe previous section. They were allowed access to the chapter of the textbook on databases which had been Brusilovsky P. This technique supports stable order of links and avoids problems with incorrect mental maps. The Department strives to recognize areas of special need for students and seeks to provide improved transitional supports as they prepare for adulthood. Annotation seems to be a very relevant way of adaptive navigation support in educational hypermedia.

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The District covers square miles of El Paso County. In addition, the teachers will stay with the same cohort of students for several years.

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The awning opens over the Charlestown, R. Order some while you can, before Randy and that trailer rumble away like the circus, from May through October, to crank open the yellow awning at big New England fairs. They used the system for an hour, and answered a questionnaire about its features. It is a critical component in meeting the needs of students in academic achievement, career exploration, career preparation, and leadership development.

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Students had access to the database chapter for the following week. Adaptively chosen bullets and fonts are replaced by green bullets and regular font. This means that an InterBook glossary integrates features of an index and a glossary.

It also assists principals in developing climates of excellence and effective engagement with parents and community and supports principal accountability for academic growth and attendance. The Department also provides opportunities for staff development so all personnel in the District will understand issues regarding students with disabilities. This questionnaire showed that almost all students were familiar with what each of the buttons and annotations meant. Regular campus visits are conducted that include conferring with principals, reviewing campus improvement plans and assessing student achievement progress.

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InterBook uses a structured domain model represented as a network of domain concepts. Discussion and suggestions for further research are provided. The District's calendar features two-week breaks in the fall and spring as well as a two-week break during December.

Their teacher support is consistent throughout the district and continuous all year long. Generally, qualified users receive more detailed and deep information, while novices receive more additional explanation. Contributing to student success, we are fortunate to have a strong and supportive community.

It uses student and campus data to develop and provide professional development for administrators and teachers. The window at the top left is called the navigation bar, and this provides the learner with a navigable hierarchy of surrounding nodes. As a District, we believe it is vital that we work together in partnership with parents, local businesses, institutions of higher education, and our corporate community. The experiment took place over a four-week period. The user model for each user is stored in a file on the server.

Annotation can be naturally used with all possible forms of links in hypertext and hypermedia. In the first two-hour session, students were introduced to InterBook and its features explained to them. The hypothesis was that adaptive link annotation would provide students with a more efficient path through the knowledge space with improved learning outcomes.