Sedating pets for flights

Sedating pets for flights

When questioned by airline personnel, many owners claim that their veterinarians had advised them to do so. Contact PetRelocation to discuss your safe pet transport options. Carriers are available in both hard-sided and soft-sided.

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We recommend the container be a soft-sided case. It is a good idea to call the Italian embassy about a month prior to leaving just to make sure there isn't some regulatory change that you will have to meet new vaccination requirements, etc. Leave the noisy toys at home. Soft-sided carriers are more suitable for carry-on and tend to fit better under the seat, but they're only permitted in the cabin only. This may affect the heart-rate and respiration while sedated.

We consider a breast pump to be a medical device. Any other helpul hints we should know about. Have some thick towels handy for handling scared cats or something else that has worked well for you in the past.

Consulates can provide more information regarding other diseases for which your pet must be vaccinated. It is worth asking, at least. Make sure there is one good escape route, at least, for the cats. You can also place a T-shirt or blanket in the travel crate that smells like you or that reminds him of home. Puerto Rico requires a sturdy collar and two identification tags.

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It might also help to sedate Bailey, at least for a day or two at first. He can be aggressive when anxious. Above all, the best thing you can do to ease your cat's anxiety is to make sure that he is properly crate-trained. If your pet will be traveling in the cargo hold, it's best to fly in the morning or evening during the summer, and midday during the winter to avoid extremely hot or cold temperatures.

Each country may have vaccination requirements beyond the requirements listed here. An additional fee will apply for the carry-on bag.

And now it is compounded by the changes in air pressure. If you opt for packing your own snacks, bring along a Ziploc bag for wrappers and other garbage. Canada does also recognize the three-year rabies vaccination. If you're bringing a stroller, you can take it to the gate but it must be checked from there. The best way to find out what the status of the quarantine laws are currently would be to contact the British Embassy directly and ask them.

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