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Select dating club

The women do not even have the opportunity to see pictures. In Barbie's Glenn Beck interview, she claimed to turn away men that were not ready for relationships. The woman is hot and a surgeon and you apparently hooked her up with a chauvinist wooly mammoth. Do your homework and don't assume anything. Truthfully, I shouldn't have given plastic surgeon so many chances.

He was absolutely, positively not interested in a relationship. If these men think they are entitled to an attractive woman, perhaps they should go the mail order bride route.

Also, try to get a picture first, it will save you a lot of time and energy. Ladies, women don't usually cheat unless they are emotionally abandoned. Another thing that bothered me was the fact that I purposely submitted a humorous picture to demonstrate my humor and it was cropped. First, I was matched with a plastic surgeon. He is quiet and judgmental and has an ego the size of Jupiter in my opinion.

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You should at least have the stones to tell these men that they are out of their dang league. Most of the guys I have dated, including my ex-fiance, are gorgeous and about my age. He works every other Saturday and also works most Sundays. What an awful and degrading experience.

For your amusement, I have attached a picture of my ex-fiance. That is my equal, not the garbage you introduced me to.

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The intelligent, attractive and independent women I know, want an equal, not creepy, old men who will treat them like hookers. Then they set her up with a guy that made degrading remarks and was not even close to being on the same level of attractiveness, not even in the ballpark. You match men with women who would never even give these men the time of day under normal circumstances. This man has absolutely nothing to offer and is not remotely capable of having a loving relationship. Further, I hope that the reputation of your company is more important than the money the plastic surgeon has paid.

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