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  1. It is too early to tell whether intentional cranial modification first emerged in East Asia and spread elsewhere or originated independently in different places.
  2. Greek and Roman mythology and the Holy Bible make reference to many similar events and ideas that do not fit with the traditional interpretation of Hebrew and Christian history.
  3. In the case of cranial flattening, the head was placed between two pieces of wood.
Oldest alien-shaped skulls discovered in China

For your own edification and peace of mind in understanding these final days of the rebellion of Satan. You have entered an incorrect email address! Thus, dating sault ste marie ontario the vast majority of archaeological effort was disproportionately focused on Africa. The cloth would be applied from a month after birth and be held in place for about six months.

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However, all Dmanisi skulls have the same age and have been found at exactly the same place. According to the study, skull reshaping was reserved for high-status individuals and certain families. Since then, five early hominin skulls have been discovered at the site.

Houtaomuga archeological site

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Strange Sounds is a community website featuring all amazing, strange, unprecedented and unexplained phenomena occurring around the world. Its face is one of the largest of any human ancestor discovered to date. The rebel aliens came to enslave us.

Rather, they may have been a single evolving lineage. To achieve the desired shape, the head was wrapped in tight cloth. Aliens and Angels are the same thing. Lost biblical city of Ziklag discovered by archaeologists. From Wikipedia, website dating the free encyclopedia.

Cranial modification, or skull stretching, was common in various tribal cultures around the world, such as the Mayans, North American natives and Aboriginal people. They found that while they looked different from one another, the great variations among all Dmanisi skulls were no greater than those seen among modern people and among chimpanzees. The technique would usually be carried out on an infant, upper class dating working class when the skull is at its most pliable.

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Dmanisi skull 5
Oldest alien-shaped skulls discovered in China - Strange Sounds
Dmanisi skull 5
  • The idiot archaeologists went to Wong Wei U.
  • So these people held their noses and blew so hard their skulls expanded to twice the volume capacity.
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  • The Urantia Book fills in many of these missing links of this planets history.
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