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Sober dating chicago

PutPut is the perfect activity to challenge your partner and incorporate some friendly competition into the date. This classic combination is just as easily done sober as it is with alcohol involved. An easy way to avoid alcohol is to replace it with something else, like coffee. Dress up in your hippest sock hop gear and get ready to knock down some pins.

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Most large cities put on these fun live music events during the warm months of the year. Going out for coffee provides an intimate atmosphere perfect for having great conversations over lattes. Pick out your favorite recipe, light some candles, and have a romantic dinner at home. This sober date is budget friendly and provides a great change of scenery from usual music venues like bars and clubs. And most importantly, no alcohol required.

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Cotton candy and ferris wheels are just a few of the highlights you can find when you visit your local fair. When asked if you want to see the wine or drink menu, a polite no should do the trick.

Find out what interests you and your date have in common and take advantage of the educational collections your local museums have to offer. This is the perfect low key sober date activity that gives you total control over the food and atmosphere. There are many other places where you can enjoy dancing sober. Showing off your cooking skills to your date is a great way to impress them. The more the merrier, so invite your friends along for a double date to up your odds of winning.

Try taking a lesson at a local studio or cranking up the stereo at home to create your very own dance party. Food festivals allow you and your date to try new and interesting foods from around the world all in one convenient location. Take a breath of fresh air and go explore the great outdoors with your sweetheart.

Taking a class with your date is an exciting way to try something new together. Fairs are a magical setting for a romantic and sober date night with your sweetheart. Going to a comedy or improv show ensures laughs and giggles with your date without the help of alcohol. There are many misconceptions about alcohol-free dating.

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At the movie, replacing alcohol with a soda and popcorn can ensure a great time. Break out the Scrabble and the snacks for a wholesome good time. Find the closest amusement park to you and beat the crowds by going on a weekday or during off season. Whether you take on an all day excursion or just a walk around the park trail, hiking is a great way for you to connect with nature.