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Complete your wardrobe with the best formal wear saris sourced exclusively from Myntra. The saree comes with a bright pink color on the front which impresses the viewers in the first place. They believe in what is called the wearable art which means, they have an artist touch to everything you can wear in their boutique. One thing can be said without any doubt that when you sport this saree at an event, all eyes will be on you only.

By sporting this saree, you will be depicting the beauty of nature as you are you wearing the dark green color which often represents the nature the dense forests, flora, etc. They have good collection of Sarees which would suit your pocket.

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The silk that this saree is made up of is totally pure and it acts like the shine of Bangalore. By wearing this saree, you will be somehow representing the awesome saree-makers in Bangalore. This is one of the best sarees of all time that comes with the blue and golden color mixed perfectly.

If you are in need of something new and trendy in the category of Bangalore-made sarees, then this can be said to be the right stuff for you out there. Excellent choice for people looking for special occasion wears saris on a budget. Their dresses and salwar suits have craft of the centuries and they make sure in creating sensuous fabrics with an artistic technique. Having a sense of both western and Indian minds, French curve is a must visit boutique in Bangalore. Indians know that the entire South Indian clothing culture is generalized for being subjected to just Kanjivaram Silk and Brocade.

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The alluring pattern that this saree displays in the border portion is very attractive and is the man attraction of this saree. When we say wearable, it means that they have customized sarees that are in the form of salwar suits and easily wearable ones that are not worn in the traditional way. Their focus on creating clothes is for the urban population and mainly for women only. They have a lot of new ideas incorporated into their clothing and are spread across India.

The boutique is beautifully decked up for bridal occasions as well. They also have unstitched clothing material.