The Possibilities are Endless

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Team up with your mentor to explore how your interests can lead you to exciting career options. Spark Students and Mentors create interest-driven projects throughout the course of Spark Mentorships.

Pick up a copy of the wish list labels here. This is a chance to meet professionals from all types of fields and spend an afternoon every week with a mentor who can answer your questions, talk to you about your goals and help you achieve them. Water bottles are found here. First, I like to make an invitation to invite my parents.

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To encourage my students to read at home, I give them a goodie to take home and hang on their door. When I talk about my reading expectations and goals for my students I show them some statistics on independent reading. At the end of open house I have a drawing for the parents and students.

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This survey serves as a reminder, allows me to find out if parents want more information about a specific topic, what they like about our classroom, and whether or not they're attending. Learn more about our impact. Then, create a project together. You can pick up a copy of here.

Keep it positive and share a glimpse of the happenings in your classroom and exciting things planned for the year. Of course, the students are quick to grab one, but I explain during my presentation that it's for parents to decide if they'd like to take a helping hand.

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You can pick up a generic one here. Or, you may know exactly what you want to be when you grow up, but not know how to get there. Many supporters of The Possibility Movement have come together to make it possible for you to participate. Pick up a copy of these note cards here. Tickets for the big drawing and goodie bags for students and parents, handbook, water bottle, and scratch off ticket for parents.

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