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There are ways to keep your relationship centered on God, without partaking in devotionals together. Deb Koster Each day we choose to focus on our circumstances or on the God who has power over our circumstances. Steven Koster Praying with someone else can often feel uncomfortable.

Discover Biblical wisdom for cultivating patience in your life and find the blessings that come through waiting on God. At first, I didn't like the thought of that. Many people will reject Jesus when he's not doing good things for them. Discover wisdom from the Bible for dealing with the sinful habits in your life to find repentance and hope.

You need a variety of relationships to keep you centered and grounded. Consider some Biblical wisdom from the book of Galatians for letting the fruit of the Spirit overflow to others. Listening is extremely important in relationships.

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But as I though about it, I think it makes sense. That can be a depressing reality, or it can be something that empowers you.

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Consider what scripture says about our speech and learn to use words with care so that God is glorified in our speech. Your relationship with God is the most important relationship in your life. Consider these ways that you can invest in a relationship with God to guide you to grow spiritually.