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The extensive occurrence of Mo, Cu, Au, Ag, and polymetallic mineralization in the region is spatially and temporally associated with Mesozoic igneous activity. The deposits are confined to transregional magmatic belts extending along the southern margin of the Siberian craton.

Paleozoic and Mesozoic igneous

Surely there is something planned that will capture your attention. It promises to be another great year for Hofstra University.

The severe economic downturn and recession have affected virtually every institution of higher education, and Hofstra is no exception. It has been an exciting year, both for me and for the Alumni Organization.

Paleozoic and Mesozoic igneous activities widely occurred within the Eastern Transbaikalia. Stockwork and lenticular quartz-K-feldspar metasomatic bodies accompanied by disseminated molybdenite-chalcopyrite mineralization are related to the Tygertysh complex. Hofstra University is very excited about having the opportunity to help these men and women pursue and complete their studies.

We are always

In September many of you were shocked by the report of a horrible crime on campus, and even more shocked by the recanting of those allegations. The team congratulates Hofstra University for the thoroughness of its Self-Study, for its wonderful cooperation, and its superb hospitality throughout this process. The formation of preceding granitic plutons was accompanied by minor sub-economic ore mineralization. The gabbroid Kogtakh complex is represented by gabbro, monzogabbro, and syenogabbro, located mainly in the marginal part of the pluton in the form of large xenoliths within granitoids. The grant from the National Science Foundation was awarded for Dr.

The Alumni Organization, along with a large University committee, is planning many special celebratory efforts. We are always looking for alumni to get involved.

The first college campus location of California Pizza Kitchen opened at Hofstra in time for the fall semester. The occurrence of numerous barren Devonian dikes marked the end of the magmatic activity in the Sora ore district. Working closely with the Hofstra University Career Center, the committee is recruiting alumni advisers while, simultaneously, career counselors promote the program among students.

The Alumni Organization along with

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