The Book Of Useless Information

Book of useless information

However, I was disappointed because the facts are poorly researched. Learn things you never though you needed to no, and probobly don't. The very last fact in this book sheds some light on the whole book. Noel Botham is chairman and founding member of the Useless Information Society. He died of cancer three years later.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Not really a book, so much as it is a list of facts. He didn't check for accuracy at all.

The only reason I finished it was I wanted to blast it apart. There is a fairly large list of attacks on humans throughout history. Read the book or look at the bottom of this review.

En ebook gratuit, ing uc browser for pc thank jeebus c'est de la pure torture. On the other hand if you love to laugh while you read and don't take anything too seriously then this book is probably right up your alley.

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This is a popular urban legend, but completely a legend nonetheless. And sometimes bullshit haha. Fantastic bathroom reading. Let me go to the fridge and try that in the sink.

Totally Useless Information

Selected pages Title Page. Presidents to Egyptians from B. And I'm forgetting all my facts already. If you can get past that, it is worth it and I would definitely recommend it. True or not he stole that line from comedian George Carlin.

Useless information will remain useless. As others have observed, there are some startling inaccuracies. For example, the author states that if the ice caps melted, the oceans would not rise!

Anyone who loves useless facts. There is no such thing as a blue food, and even blueberries are purple? Now, The Useless Information Society shares its findings with Americ an readers in this first of what they threaten will be several volumes.

Attila the Hun was a dwarf? Sometimes a book that's easy to pick up and put down is just the ticket. Nothing relaxes me more than learning about the favorite food of the Basques, or some other inanity.

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This book is interesting, and my only complaint so far is of its randomness, but the author s make up for that by organizing much of their information into sections. It's not that interesting to read ten facts in a row about something you literally have no interest in. Every time Beethoven sat down to compose music, he poured ice water over his head. There's a squirrel on the cover!

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It's a totally false and bogus etymology. Apparently, Noel has never dropped too many ice cubes into a full glass before! What is the point of trivia if the shit you are saying isn't true? But, the exceptions are what makes up for it. Arguably there is blue corn.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. This book doesn't necessarily draw you in at all, but is a great read for a time killer if you just want to know useless information. This book gives lots of good facts and funny laws and all diffrent kinds of things that you would probally like to learn about.

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Funny, interesting book full of, well, useless information! As a connoisseur of useless fact books, this one is unimpressive. Fill pages with useless information, and you have one very happy reader. Bibliographic information.

Take all this useless information with a grain of salt. Some of these facts are not only useless, but boring as well. Coca-Cola was originally green.

You can pick it up, flip it open to any page, and read away. Squirrels can't get rabies?

Book of useless information

This is the type of book that was made for bathrooms. Open Preview See a Problem? Pourquoi je me fais autant de mal? But for any information junkie i would recomend this. If you approach this book expecting serious things that will help make you sound intelligent or appear smart you will probably be very disappointed.

Squirrels don't often contract it, but they could. Useless information is good for conversation fodder.