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The Water Wheel Alexandre Desplat. Edit Storyline In Austria, Katrin is lonely after her sister's marriage and she agrees to marry her father's research associate Dr. When the Chinese production company reviewed the film, it was unhappy with the depiction of the Chinese uprising and the cholera victims, requesting that the scenes be revised.

Walter's Mission Alexandre Desplat. Learn more More Like This. Cholera Alexandre Desplat. Kitty's Journey Alexandre Desplat. The character was also rewritten to make his peace with his wife Kitty, leading to them falling in love with each other.

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The lack of attention caused half a dozen people associated with the film to complain about how Warner Independent Pictures was conducting the marketing campaign. Los Angeles Film Critics Association. Death Convoy Alexandre Desplat. The screenplay by Ron Nyswaner is based on the novel of the same title by W. After a ski instructor catches her husband flirting with an old flame, she decides to pose as her fictitious twin sister in an attempt to keep him faithful.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. By all means, let it sweep you away. When it is discovered by Walter he becomes very bitter.

Fane takes her to China but constantly ignors her in favour of his medical research. Passed Crime Drama Romance. The director did not want to build a set for the cholera-stricken village, instead seeking out an untouched parcel of land in China. He contracts the disease and Kitty lovingly nurses him, but he dies, and she is devastated.

The Painted Veil Alexandre Desplat. The Painted Veil Theatrical release poster. The Painted Veil, shopping mall movie songs film score.

Hollywood Foreign Press Association. They meet Townsend by chance on the street, and he suggests that Kitty meet with him. Audible Download Audio Books. Even better, the new film gives us ample opportunity to spend time with Ms. When I read it, I was very affected by it because in it I saw my own failings.

There are also three songs not listed on the official soundtrack. The official soundtrack is composed by Alexandre Desplat. In Austria, Katrin is lonely after her sister's marriage and she agrees to marry her father's research associate Dr.

When the guy who has gotten you on board is gone, you're kind of exposed. From Shanghai to London Alexandre Desplat. The Deal Alexandre Desplat.

Warner Independent Pictures. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Watts, whose remarkable talent helps keep movie faith and love alive, even in the tinniest, tiniest vehicles. Herbert Marshall is in the role he always played best, as the sincere and kind, but neglected, husband. Gill began production of the film in partnership with Yari.

The story is a nice adaptation, if truncated. The score and cinematography were lush. Fleeing her cruel uncle and an arranged marriage Susan Lenox falls in love with a kind stranger but circumstances force her to become a woman of easy virtue. As Walter's anger and Kitty's unhappiness subside, their marriage begins to blossom in the midst of the epidemic crisis.

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Think of all the pork chops I could have if I married Thomas. Fane travels to fight a cholera epidemic and Katrin goes with him and helps. Now their new found happiness will depend on Walter's survival. The moving love story wins the viewer over by the end of the film.

Kitty rejects his overtures and walks away. An architect tries suppressing his passion for a seductive woman. Electronic Folk International.

She soon learns she is pregnant, but is unsure who the father is. Colony Club Alexandre Desplat. Trivia Background shots in China supervised by George W.

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They grow closer together than ever before but Walter is knifed in a riot incited by the burning of a cholera infested town. Gill was later fired before the film's completion by Warner Bros. She is compelled to travel to the mountainous inland region with her husband.

Was this review helpful to you? Kitty's Theme Alexandre Desplat. We just imagined it on a slightly bigger scale, and made external some of what is internal in the novel. The stars are in especially fine form. The cholera epidemic takes many victims.

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