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Like a therapy session, when our time is up, we can leave. Instead, with both parents working and values unclear, the home can be a melee of confusion, tension and pain. The merger of two souls requires greater personal effort than the merger of two corporations. All these factors add up to a troubling book with troubling conclusions. He is supposed not to be needy, but generally, he needs sex.

You're working on a project that you find stimulating and when you succeed, you get commended by your boss and your picture in the hall. He is just as likely to be labeled a street harasser. It is a physical and emotional challenge.

We know our purpose and goals. If a man approaches her, he is likely to be required to not only seduce her but her friends. Not because they can't get reliable day care. How easy it is to put your insecurities on hold as you deal competently with one challenge after another at the office. At home, no one can take our place.

BlindDater made is so simple for me and I really love how they focus on promoting the inner qualities. It used to be that the home was a haven from the pressures of work, a bulwark against the stresses of making a living and coping in the world. And not because the company doesn't offer family leave or flex hours or part-time options.

The merger of two soulsLike a therapy session when our

Respect is harder to earn and more difficult to sustain. Happy that there is a place even for us old folks to find true love. Discuss your day with your mate. There's no definitive job description.