Former Video Vixens Who Ditched Their Thottie Ways

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Angel had the face and body

Bossip has learned that Trey Songz may be checking for more than ladies. Before even giving her career a chance to really flourish she withered away from the Entertainment industry. Her career in Entertainment disappeared quicker than Casper the friendly ghost. Most of these Celebrities will deny that they were ever with the Tranny or they didn't know that it was a Tranny.

Trannies with CelebritiesIn countless videos that include

While our source confirms that Trey does indeed sleep with men the source also says that Trey still continues to sleep around with women as well. It is a form of courtship, consisting of social activities done by the couple, either alone or with others. Before I was even a part of Songbook, Troy asked me alot of weird questions about my future over the phone and even asked me about my sexual preference.

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Working on her own fitness tapes, the beautiful looking and sounding Rosa Acosta is exactly what any rapper would want in his video. Amiyah used to hang out on a popular college campus with other Tranny's. He asked the same bizarre questions to my producer, which struck us both as weird, as this was just an example of the odd things he would ask of us. Tomika captured audiences attention on film and in magazines, but never took her beauty and talents to the silver screen. Though she went from music videos to home videos, Nicole was a great vixen with the potential of being in the best of all time discussions.

In countless videos that include, Kanye West, Ludacris, Will Smith, and Nelly, Esther was always a girl that was in the back that people kept their eyes on. Angel had the face and body that could rival Melyssa Ford, but her career took a nose dive when she tried to transition from modeling to a career as a rapper. Trannies with Celebrities are nothing new but nowadays it seems as if its ok to mix and mingle in the open eye. Lanisha Cole Arguable one of the most beautiful chocolate vixens to ever grace the screen, Lanisha had the winning smile that could warm the coldest heart.

Our source says that Trey is versatile and can be both a giver and receiver depending on his partner. Once she tried her hand at a career in rap music her modeling and acting gigs dried up quicker than the Saharian desert.