Tumblr matsumoto jun dating

Tumblr matsumoto jun dating

Ohno is blue, Sho is red, Aiba is green, Nino is yellow, Jun is purple. In other words, Ogawa left Hodo Station due her relationship with Sakurai. The Aya suicide scandal that was revealed around Nov claimed she slept with all of the Arashi members excluding Sho.

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Sho and Ohno often shift between these two roles. The air-guitarist auditions they held amongst themselves beforehand are also entertaining being primarily an excuse for them to laugh at each other. Leader of the group, yet does not act as one. Each member in the group has a strong personality and holds a specific role within their group as well as in the entertainment industry.

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One of the strengths of the group is their close relationships with each other and a very balanced popularity between the members. Fans criticism over Sakurai The popularity of the storm has been declining due to members are involved in passionate love and cheating. However, there are some fans that are too obsessed with Matsumoto to a point where they are plotting to kill Inoue. He is acknowledged as the mood-maker in Arashi, and is crucial at bringing the group together.

Takizawa remains loyal to the president Sports paper reporter. The two obviously met during the filming of the series, and has dated ever since. Actively focused on the stage directed by Mr. Arashi are not excluded from this. However, he has admitted that he is not sure when or how he is going to get married.

By that he means that he would like his lover to be modest and caring, with plenty of support provided to Matsumoto as he further explores his career. They have not acknowledged this scandal until now, preferring to avoid any questions by reporters.

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Mary the vice president, and at this point Mr. Specially her network of powerful personalities and business circles.

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Within Arashi, he is heavily involved with their concert management, dealing with stage sets, props, costume sets, and song sets, right down to every detail. As it is with many other cases, fans associate fictional couples as real, existing couples, so it is easy to see that fans want the two to get married. But nothing can be said at the present stage. Was a battle overwhelmed to Mr.