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The other option in the drop-down menu is Notify to schedule restart. This waiting period helps protect your account if an attacker gets your password. Follow the instructions to verify the account you're updating. That doesn't mean you won't use it, however. If you go with the other option- You can schedule a time to restart to finish installing updates.

Consumers will be delivered the updates

Automatic Recommended Notify to schedule restart. Next, you will see the setting Give me updates for other Microsoft products when I update Windows. First, the attackers already controlled a set of accounts, which were connected to Facebook friends.

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We now know that fewer people were impacted than we originally thought. For example, if you get a new phone number or email address or if you mistyped your security information. People can check whether they were affected by visiting our Help Center. We'll contact you at the email or phone you provided.

If you have not turned on automatic updates, Microsoft recommends that you go to Windows Update immediately to check for updates and install the applicable updates manually. Microsoft makes no promises that your computer will work as advertised or even at all if you install Insider builds. Businesses will be able to opt-in to the fast-moving consumer pace, or lock-down mission critical environments, to receive only security and critical updates to their systems.

You'll be asked to add a replacement phone number or email address that we can use as security information. Windows Defender This section lets you configure Windows Defender settings and lets you turn on the real time protection, cloud-based protection, and sample submission. We can't expedite this process. Backup You can add an external drive and create a backup of all your files here.

The updates panel also gives you the option to schedule the Restart. This is true for the home user. Consumers will be delivered the updates and new features as soon they are available. There will be no Patch Tuesdays.

An Update on the Security Issue

It is always a good idea to check this option. The security code prompt appears. Doing so will render your system unable to determine if your system is affected. You can Choose how updates are installed. Microsoft recommends choosing Automatic Update.

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That includes posts on their timelines, their lists of friends, Groups they are members of, and the names of recent Messenger conversations. Being an Insider, especially an Insider on the fast ring, is more of a headache than a sweet sneak peek at new features. One notable feature here is that it gives Home users only two options under Choose how updates are installed. Customized messages that people will see depending on how they were impacted.

The updates panel