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Andy confesses but when Jack tries to clean Victoria's bloody head after a fall with water from the hot tap on a flannel, it makes the house explode. Victoria is terrified she will be imprisoned, so Adam gives her a false alibi. Victoria's fear of water returns to haunt her on a canoeing trip where she freaks out and hits her instructor, Christian Schwarz and is suspended as a result.

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Victoria later collapses and is rushed to hospital and is diagnosed with a ruptured appendix. Victoria searches for the truth about Sarah's death but no-one will discuss it. Victoria supports Robert when he begins a relationship with Aaron. Victoria was horrified to find a man had broken into her Diddy Diner truck, first kiss before dating and even more so when the culprit knew her. Victoria flirts with an older boy and he tries to force himself on her but Billy Hopwood David Crellin stops him and rescues her.

Robert eventually frees Aaron who was trapped behind the steering column. She does not listen, and as she drives off, she runs over Ashley Thomas John Middleton. Victoria, however, sticks up for Diane.

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Jack loses patience and smashes Alfie and the truth is eventually revealed. Jack is in the frame for arson and murder but is cleared. While under the water, Victoria finds a corpse which is later identified as missing police officer Shane Doyle Paul McEwan.

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Eventually, Victoria tires of this behaviour and cuts Kayleigh out of her life. She then investigates after Jack becomes more and more evasive. Robert and Andy are furious to discover this, but Adam and Victoria leave before they can stop them. They later get involved in a car crash, which results in their car falling into a lake. Victoria now played by Isabel Hodgins returns from Annie in Spain, later than expected, prompting Jack and Diane to worry but returns safely.

She spends New Year's Eve with Adam. Adam and Victoria rekindle their relationship and decide to run away and get married, with the help of Aaron. Victoria almost drowns, only escaping as Jack, Andy and Daz arrive.

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In May, Jack and Sarah marry. Victoria is hurt when Daz decides to remain with Scarlett and tells him she is pregnant but it turns out to be a lie. She goes on a downward spiral, and slaps Vanessa in the street when she sees her. Jack blames Billy until Victoria told him that Billy had saved her life.

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Daz admits he will always be there for her and resultantly they begin sleeping together, despite the fact Daz is dating Scarlett Nicholls Kelsey-Beth Crossley. She and Eric later rush to the scene when Val sustains a fall in the village and cuts her knee.

Initially, Victoria is, like a majority of the village, bitter towards Robert, but as time passes, she warms to him again and comes to accept his return along with Andy. When she feels she has made a mistake, Victoria tries to get Alex back but is horrified to discover he is involved with Moira Barton Natalie J.

Victoria is heartbroken in June to learn that Adam has slept with local vet Vanessa Woodfield Michelle Hardwick and has impregnated her. Victoria tried to convince Matty that he should give Moira a second chance as she's bound to be shocked, but the pair are disgusted when they walk into Butlers Farm to hear Moira insulting Matty. However, Ashley's alcoholic ex-wife Laurel Charlotte Bellamy drunkenly announces that Ashley has died while in hospital, unaware that he is still comatose.

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Victoria is later stunned when she discovers that Diane and Eric slept together after Val reveals their secret to the regulars of The Woolpack. Victoria then restarts her relationship with Adam as he attempts to get her back by buying her a puppy, and cooking naked in The Woolpack kitchen. Victoria later catches Katie and Robert in bed together and Robert threatens her into keeping quiet, only communicating via a dummy, Alfie. She drops Matty off at the train station when Cain fails to convince him to stay.

Victoria supports Andy as he attempts to commit suicide only hours after Katie's funeral. Ashley later learns that he now has epilepsy following the accident. She is later released, and is delighted to hear that Ashley is alive.

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Billy drives her home but his brakes fail, due to Kelly Windsor Adele Silva sabotaging them, and they crash into a lake. Andy later goes to stay with the Whites at Home Farm.

After being beaten up, Matty decides to come back and stay with Moira at Butler's farm. Sarah later dies in a barn fire started by Andy for insurance reasons. Victoria's attack left her shaking.

Andy is arrested and jailed for three years but eventually freed. Alex's incessant flirting with other women drives Victoria to dump him. She also makes friends with Amy Wyatt Chelsea Halfpenny and they soon become close friends. Victoria and Kayleigh go clubbing but Kayleigh leaves early.

Adam and Victoria arrive at the scene and help Robert revive Aaron, and Adam accompanies Aaron in the ambulance with Victoria and her brother following behind in her van. Times are difficult for the Sugdens but life is made easier by Jack's relationship with Woolpack landlady, Diane Blackstock Elizabeth Estensen. Matty revealed that Moira was unaccepting about the change and threw him out. He appears to be fine, however, he later collapses and is comatose.