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Tends to heavily contradict itself, especially considering that the fourth and fifth seasons came eleven years after the third. The Death Note live-action films eventually veer away from the plot as seen in the Manga and Anime versions. The first and second series cover slightly different ground. The Slayers franchise is right up there with Tenchi Muyo in its own right.

It's all just a whole other continuity. Xenoglossia happens to be quite different from the games, instead involving the characters piloting Humongous Mecha in a setting years after the moon exploded. The Fullmetal Alchemist manga and its anime adaptation start off fairly similar, but begin to diverge more and more as they progress.

The first episode alone makes it clear that it is an Alternate Continuity. When such a move is made, it's common for the story to simply be retold in the new medium, often with radical changes in both plot and characterization, creating an Alternate Continuity.

It ended on with a Cliffhanger and left a lot of loose ends. There are also a set of Parallel Works that have all the main characters in entirely different situations and plotlines.

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Despite this, most fans feel it isn't a bad film, though not particularly outstanding either it gets more attention in America because it was one of the few Macross products actually released there. When Fan Fic attempts to weld two or more of these into a single story, it's called Patchwork Fic. While there are still heroes and villains running around, it's more of a fight against monsters than other powered individuals. It effectively lives in a different universe.

Also interestingly, it is because of this that Wily became evil in the first place- he had a degree in Robotics, and in a world about computers and networks, nobody cared about his inventions. Sometimes this forms the basis of a Series Franchise.

The mangaka gave a nod to this difference in the manga, in which the original Kujibiki Unbalance is discussed as though it were also a manga. For bonus fun, one of the Pretty Sammy series has a minor character who is a cousin on Nanami and Jinnai from El-Hazard linking both meta-series together. What they choose as their discipline ends up revolutionizing the world and completely changing society. Hell Girl is most famous as an anime, but there's also a manga and a short-lived live-action show.

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The live-action series has a completely different setup from the manga, anime and film series. Alternately, a successful series can become a movie. It ran for two seasons, but ended before the manga, leaving unresolved the primary Story Arc of whether Kaoru and Aoi will ever be able to publicly get together. The first half of the Magic Knight Rayearth anime and manga are almost identical barring a couple of Schrodinger's Cats. Although it follows the anime closer than the movie, it also introduces several of its own plot points, especially in the final volume.

But either way, the Earth is still saved but one ending leaves no room for the events of New Voyage, Starsha's daughter Sasha, or Mamoru's later role. Aftermath series would have been a different continuity from the Jack Mckinney novel End of The Circle.

The Chaotic Century manga, which went in a wildly different direction than either the anime or the Battle Story. The three manga adaptations of Code Geass are all Alternate Continuities of varying degrees. Gravitation has some major differences between the manga that came first and the anime adaptation.

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An anime movie for Unlimited Blade Works was also produced, but it rushed through the story at lightning speed. If the Alternate Continuity and the regular one share backstory and diverge from each other at some point, that's generally an Alternate Timeline. This again also has several manga adaptions that take different paths. Later stories take elements from both versions as canon. Especially the latter which goes completely Off the Rails a bit into the story.