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The following table was added to provide information about the Wizard of Oz film and to portray how the film has become one of the most recognized movies of all time in the United States. Oz franchise Works based on novels. See Terms of Use for details. She recovers very well, but the carpet remains bunched up after her falter. But nevertheless, he put his influence on the thing.

As the amount of commercial time on network television gradually increased, more scenes were cut. Please enter the required information. The film footage for the song has been lost, although silent home film footage of rehearsals for the number has survived.

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She wants the ruby slippers. The first take ran well, but in the second take the burst of fire came too soon.

Wind-blown debris knocks her unconscious and the house is sent spinning in the air. The film of course will forever be associated with its darling star, Judy Garland. Margaret Hamilton's copper-based makeup as the Wicked Witch was poisonous, so she lived on a liquid diet during the film, and the makeup was carefully cleaned off her each day. The performances are good, and the incidental music is of considerable aid.

Despite the Witch's attempts to foil their journey, they reach the Emerald City and are eventually permitted to see the Wizard, who appears as a large ghostly head surrounded by fire and smoke. Due to time constraints, the song was cut from the final theatrical version. She takes Toto away on her bicycle, but he escapes and returns to Dorothy, and she decides to run away.

Dorothy's house was recreated by using a small maquete. The San Francisco Chronicle. Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

It was also shown as a special presentation at the Toronto International Film Festival. This time, in a story derived largely from L.

An angel is sent from Heaven to help a desperately frustrated businessman by showing him what life would have been like if he had never existed. Co-produced by John Fricke and Aljean Harmetz. Best Music, Original Song.

She is the sister of the witch Dorothy killed. Durbin was possibly passed over once it was decided to bring on Jaynes, also an operatic singer, to rival Garland's jazz in the aforementioned discarded subplot of the film.

The film had been enormously successful as a book, and it had also been a major stage hit, but previous attempts to bring it to the screen had been dismal failures. The Wicked Witch of the West swears revenge on Dorothy, then vanishes. Adaptations and other derivative works. Here's what you're missing out on! It was re-released by Warner Bros.

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Czech Cherokee German and Irish! It was a commercial success and received a mixed critical reception. The house lands in Munchkinland in the Land of Oz.

Filming halted while a replacement for him was found. Gale Sondergaard was originally cast as the Wicked Witch. Dorothy throws a pail of water over the witch. As director, Fleming chose not to shift the film from Cukor's creative realignment, as producer LeRoy had already pronounced his satisfaction with the new course the film was taking.

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This includes television showings. The Wizard prepares his hot air balloon to take Dorothy back to Kansas.

Arnold Gillespie was the special effects director for the film. The guards rejoice and give Dorothy her broomstick. Cedric Gibbons and William A.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. As she pursues Toto, the balloon disembarks with the Wizard, leaving Dorothy. Desperate to get back home and under threat from a wicked witch, new launcher for android 2012 she is advised to seek out a great wizard who should be able to help her get back home. History of Movie Musicals. An Introduction to Movie Magic.

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University of Michigan Press. She must go to the Emerald City to see him. Judy Garland For her outstanding performance as a screen juvenile during the past year. British Board of Film Classification. The flames set fire to her green, copper-based face paint, causing third-degree burns on her hands and face.

The True Story of the Wonderful Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz ( film)

For this edition, Warner Bros. The studio also thought that it was degrading for Garland to sing in a barnyard. The Making of The Wizard of Oz.

He agrees to grant their wishes if they prove their worth by bringing him the Witch's broomstick. The production faced the challenge of simulating the Tin Man's costume. LeRoy, uncredited associate producer Arthur Freed and director Fleming fought to keep it in, and they all eventually won. His replacement Jack Haley simply assumed he had been fired. Pictures of this caliber bring credit to the industry.